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The 12 Week 'Bass Coach' Training Program

Discover how to reach your bass playing goals faster than ever with personalized coaching from James.

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James Eager

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Beginner - Intermediate

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Starting Oct 28th 2019

I haven't met a bass player or musician yet who hasn't at one point in their career got stuck in rut or longed for A faster Way To Make Progress.

Here's the thing. 

Every bass player's goal is different. From simply improving finger speed to even going professional... each bass player is unique, so creating a personalised 'roadmap' is by far the most effect way to create rapid results. 

'Bass Coach' is a brand new program that provides personalized bass guitar coaching to give direction, focus and accountably so you aways stay 'on target' and improving every time you practice.

Get ready to start achieving your bass playing dreams over the next 12 weeks...

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>>> Strictly Limited - Only 5 Spots Per Program <<<

Do any of these apply to you:

  • Are you a Bass Player with a burning desire to be the very best you can be and the results just aren't coming quick enough?
  • Are you looking to improve your confidence building riffs and grooves so you have more creativity on the bass?
  • Do you want improve technique & finger speed and gain a deeper understanding of the fingerboard?
  • Do you feel like you're stuck in bass rut and easily loose focus or motivation?
  • Are you looking to play at a jam session, join a band or even earning money from playing the bass?
  • Do you want to accelerate the learning process to become a better bass player faster?
  • Or simply... do you love a challenge?
Bass Guitar Rehearsal

"Coaching is the key to making rapid progress"

If you answer yes to any of those questions... read on!

Whilst there are hours of content and lessons available on channels such as YouTube .. it's often much harder to place this information in logic order, that achieves rapid results.

The reality is so many students struggle because they simply don't know what to practice or switch from lesson to lesson with little structure.

Then combine that will every student having different challenges... it's no wonder many students feel demotivated and stuck in a rut.

Bass Coach is a program that is 100% tailored around your bass playing goals ... and is designed to give laser-focused structure, accountably, direction and support to unlock the rapid progress you're looking for.

The coaching program comes in two configurations:

 - 12 Week Video Coaching Program (PLUS) - This a simple video coaching program where you submit weekly videos to me and I respond with a personalised video showing you exactly the next steps to take.

- 12 Week 1:1 'In Person' Coaching Program (VIP) - This is for students who wish to get rapid results by working with James directly. You get a weekly 1:1 session with James 'in person' on Skype, video submissions for feedback and access via email, text and phone. You choose the medium so you get a program that works for you.

Both options start with an onboarding called so we can 'set your compass' and create a rock solid path to follow for the next 12 weeks.

At the end of 12 weeks, we have a beer to celebrate the progress you've made and work out you next big bass playing goal.

Plus you get access to the Bass Lab PLUS so you have tried and tested bass syllabus to follow.

There are only 5 spots available for each program - get in fast.

Having An experienced Coach Who Has Already Made All the Mistakes is the quickest way To ACHIEVING Rapid Results On The Bass Guitar.

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>>> Strictly Limited - Only 5 Spots Per Program <<<

Discover The 'Bass Coach' Program

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1:1 Weekly In Person Coaching Video Call With James

Access To James Via Telephone

Coaching Via Video Submission & Personal Video Response*

One Per Week


Unlimited Text & Email Access

Onboarding Call

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

Wrap Up Call

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

Weekly Written Coaching & Practice Plan

Access To Bass Lab PLUS Training Program & Practice Methodology

Access To EBG Backing Tracks & eBooks

Spots Availble

Only 5

Only 5


  • 12 Week Video Coaching
  • $299 Per Month
  • (or $799 Single Payment) 


  • 12 Week In Person 1:1 Coaching With James 
  • $499 Per Month
  • (or $1399 Single Payment) 

>>> Strictly Limited - Only 5 Spots Per Program <<<

*subject to fair and reasonable usage.

What students say:

You're in for an

exciting time!

James Eager is a great teacher! You’re in for an exciting time as you develop your skills and work through everything. He teaches us become relevant in the real world, the use of chord tones, slash chords and passing notes are predominant in worship music.

Barry J

Challenges me to

undo bad habits..

James challenges me to undo all those bad habits from many years ago.. I am finding it can be done through practice and I stand a chance of realizing my goals.

Dave R

Always trying to help others..sincerely

James, I just adore you! You are always trying to help others, I mean, I feel your sincerity.

Eileen T

Natural..makes the lesson interesting

James is a natural, he makes the lessons interesting, relevant and fun. I enjoy myself



Explained things in a bare-bones manner

James has a way of explaining things in a bare-bones manner that resonates perfectly.

Jeff B

My playing leapt forward on the spot!

James opened my eyes to techniques and habits I’d never contemplated before, and my playing leapt forward on the spot.

Sue L


When does the program start?

I'm a beginner will this program work for me?

How do lessons in different time zones work?

Why are there only 5 spots per program available?

I'm not that techie, are making bass videos easy?

What if I need to miss a weeks coaching?

What software do I need for 1:1 video coaching?

Choose Your Coaching Option

Choose between Bass Coach PLUS Video & Bass Coach VIP 1:1 Coaching Program

Strictly Limited - Only 5 Spots Per Program Available

12 Week 'Bass Coach' PLUS

Join the beta program for the first even Bass Coach Program and save $100 per month

Normally $399 per month


299 Per Month

or $799 Single Payment

Only 5 Spots Available

  • Weekly Video Coaching Via Video Submission & Personalized Video Response
  • 30 Minute Onboarding Call 
  • Weekly Coaching & Practice Plans 
  • Access To The Bass Lab PLUS & eBassGuitar Resources