Getting coached by James & eBassGuitar Team gives you a customized program that fulfills your dream of playing great bass guitar...
and it’s only available via 

Bass Lab University

  • Are you looking to give your bass playing the boost it deserves?

  • Do you want to want to be challenged to play the best bass of your life?

  • Would you like personalized feedback so you know exactly the next steps to keep improving?

How often do you find yourself falling into the following traps?

Life is busy, time is at a premium and committing to traditional 1:1 lessons is next to impossible?

You start an online course with the best intentions and drift off track within a few lessons and never see the results you intend to achieve.

The desire is there but you just don’t know where to start, so you switch from lesson to lesson seeing little improvement.

If so, Bass Lab University is the next logical step.

What is Bass Lab University?

It has been proven time and time again that learning bass guitar online is a fantastic way of studying.

Students can now get hold of world-class resources at a fraction of the cost and time commitment of studying in the traditional ways.

As with studying anything, it can be easy to get off track and not achieve the results you initially set out to achieve.

That’s why I’ve created a program to give students valuable feedback & focus.

Ultimately this program will help you get faster, more personalized results… and provide a fun, inspiring environment to learn in.

This program is called The Bass Lab University because it’s inspired by the time I spent at Music College in London.

For me this was the most fun and rewarding learning experience I’ve ever had..

However, most students do not have the luxury of having
4 years to go to Music College...

So I’ve created a flexible online program that gives all the benefits of learning at a college but can be taken from home, on a schedule that works for you.

Here’s how the program works

Group Coaching

  • This is an online group coaching program which meets twice a month where I will coach you live online. 

  • Each session I’ll pick a song, style or technique to share so you’ll always be learning something new.

  • You can also show me in real time what you’re working on and I'll demonstrate how to improve it and the next steps to take.

  • You’ll get to know the rest of the ‘class’, make friends, build a personal relationship with me, and have fun learning bass in a social situation.

  • There’s no set commitment to turn up every single week. All sessions are recorded, so even if you miss a session you can catch up at a time which is convenient to you. 

Personal Coaching

James Eager Bass Lessons

  • We all have questions we’d rather get answered ‘private’ that’s why each Bass Lab University student gets a private coaching thread with me which no one else can see.

  • Here you can ask me questions on whatever you are working on to dramatically speed up your results and progress.

  • You can submit videos for me to review and I’ll respond with the next steps, personalized to you.

  • Questions can be submitted whenever it’s convenient for you… (no more waiting around for the weekly bass lesson and forgetting all those important questions you’d stored up!)

Song, Style & Technique 

  • Every two weeks you’ll be challenged to learn a new song or bass skill..

  • You’ll then be challenged to make a video to submit to the group two weeks later. This process pushes you to ‘install’ the technique but crucially allows you to get feedback from me and the group.

  • You’ll also get full access to the our 90 & 30 Day Challenges so you can elect to specialize in one topic over an extended period of time.

Time Investment

I appreciate that most people's schedule changes from week to week and life can throw unexpected curve balls.

That’s why there is no set time commitment to get the most out of the program.
It works completely around your schedule and the time you have available at any given moment.

What standard do I need to be?

The BLU program is suitable for anyone
who is a beginner to intermediate bass player and beyond.
There is no ‘minimum standard’ .
 All you need is a passion for the bass and
desire to give you bass playing a boost!

Join Bass Lab University gives you an ‘all access’
pass to everything eBassGuitar.
Here’s what you get:

  • 2  Group Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Private Coaching Thread With James
  • Bi Monthly Song & Technique Challenges
  • 90 Day & 30 Challenge Programs
  • Unlimited Access To Bass Lab PLUS Program
  • Access to all eBassGuitar Backing Track Albums
  • Unlimited Access To James’ Bass Vault Chart Archive
  • Access To All eBassGuitar Books & Resources

How To Join:

Right now the BLU is closed. Enter your details to join the waiting list 
and I’ll let you know when a spot opens up.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

In the unlikely situation you find the The Bass Lab PLUS Membership is not for you, just email , within 30 days and you'll received a no questions asked refund...and we'll still be friends. That's how we roll at eBassGuitar :-)