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It's always been so hard to access quality bass guitar instruction... Until now!

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As a bass student all you want to do is make progress and it's often extremely difficult to find the right bass instruction. It's not uncommon to feel totally overwhelmed when you log on to YouTube and get over-faced with hours upon hours of variable quality, video lessons.  

What's more the majority of these sorts of training can be simply irrelevant and result in nothing but your time being wasted and the bass going back in the case faster than it came out!

If you go the traditional route it can be hard to find a teacher in your local area with the skills, knowledge and experience to really teach how the mechanics of the bass works. That's not even touching on what it'll cost you per hour.

So what if you the bass student could get all the instruction, support and coaching that would make the difference? What if you no longer needed to travel to get world class bass education? What if you could access on demand video lessons and personalised feedback on your bass playing anywhere, at any time and on any device?

What is the Bass Lab PLUS?

The Bass Lab PLUS is a online membership program that enables you to:

  • Get access over 350 step by step video lessons to ensure you become a better bass player.
  • Participate in live monthly masterclasses so you can learn from top professional bass players all over the world.
  • Join a passionate group of bass players (just like you), so you can improve your bass playing in a fun, supportive environment.
  • Get unlimited access to a unique wealth of backing tracks, bass resources, transcriptions, PDFs, cheat sheets & fingerboard diagrams.

Discover Over 500 follow along video lessons insdie

The Bass Lab PLUS Membership

Absolute Beginners Bass Course

Learn the most important fundamentals all beginner bass players need to know... and perform one of the worlds greatest rock songs in less than 6 weeks!

The Essential Technique Course

Discover the secrets of playing fast, having great timing with amazing tone and whilst learning to play properly, all the time reducing the chances of nasty injuries.

The Essential Walking Bass Course

Learn how to confidently create walking bass lines & take your complete understanding of the bass guitar to the next level... even if you have zero music theory or fingerboard knowledge.

Modes Mastery Course

Gain a deeper understanding of modal scales and how you can use them for your playing.

The Riff Masters Bass Course

The simple no nonsense guide to creating, improvising & jamming amazing riffs on the bass guitar... from beginner to advanced.

Rhythm and Notation Foundation Course

Learn and understand music notation and how you can shape rhythm with these concepts.

The Rock, Pop & Motown Bass Line Creation Course

Learn how to create & construct your own Rock, Pop & Motown bass lines... even if you don't know how to improvise  - in less than 6 weeks!

The Rookie Blues Bass Intensive

Learn the most important blues concepts all bass players need to know... and rock out at a jam session in less than 6 weeks.

The Ultimate Music Theory Boot Camp

Learn how to understand music theory and apply it directly to the bass guitar.

The 30 Killer Technique Action Plan

Want to supercharge your finger speed? Take this 30 day action plan and learn how to take your take your technique from beginner to professional

The 30 Day Killer Rock Bass Action Plan

Learn how to become a better rock bass player in less that 30 days... even if you've only got 10 minutes per day to practise.

FREE: The Bass Vault

Add over 550 of my personal song charts & bass line transcriptions to your membership... and play hundreds of songs from the world's greatest bands & artists

Get 3 Exclusive FREE 'New Student Bonuses'

When You Become A Bass Lab PLUS Student

Bonus 1

James Eager Bass

Unlimited Access To The eBassGuitar Student Coaching Group

When you become a Bass Lab PLUS student you get instant access to the eBassGuitar student coaching group so whenever you've got a bass related question you can get answers!

(Value - Priceless)

Bonus 2

FREE Access To The Unique eBassGuitar Backing Track & Resource Vault 

Every month we release member only resources and custom made backing tracks in the Bass Lab PLUS membership. These a completely unique and note available anywhere else on the internet.

(Value $97)

Bonus 3

Live Monthly Master Classes

Every month the The Bass Lab PLUS community get together for a live, interactive monthly masterclass. Here you can ask questions in real time and learn from world class guest musicians. 

(Value = $197)

free gift : the bass vault

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What students say about The Bass Lab PLUS

"I play 'Thrash Metal'**... is the Bass Lab Plus Membership relevant to me?"

Without question, yes, yes, yes!

There are 'music fundamentals' the cross all genres. Soul, Funk, Grime, Drum 'N' Bass... they all come from the same routes.  Once you understand how the basics like grooves and chords sequences are built, everything will slot into place... Regardless of what style of music you play, you'll discover it's all structured on the same foundations.

Being in a room full of bassists with different tastes is one of the healthiest places you can be if you want to develop as a musician... and that's exactly what we encourage at eBassGuitar!

** Enter whatever style of music is most applicable to you ;-)

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