A simple D.I.Y. 'self paced' video training program designed especially for the beginner to intermediate bass guitar players... which will teach you all the most important skills via our online video vault.


For students who are serious about getting the best. Learn directly with James, the eBassGuitar team & get personalised feedback, accountability to speed up mastering the bass. 


Absolute Beginners Bass Course

The launchpad for new Groove masters, or for those who want to brush up on the basics!

Essential Technique Course

Build a strong technique foundation that will be the basis of all your bass playing.

Essential Walking Bass Course

Get started on walking the bass fret board
with this course. Learn how to create bass lines over even the most complicated chords.

Modes Mastery Course

Gain a deeper understanding of modal scales and how you can use them for your playing.

Riff Masters Bass Course

Discover how to start creating & improvising your bass riffs with this simple system.

Rhythm & Notation Foundation Course

Learn and understand music notation and how you can shape rhythm with these concepts.

Rock Pop Motown
Bassline Creation Course

If you love grooving to rock, pop, and / or Motown and want more in-depth knowledge, this is for you.

The Rookie Blues Bass Intensive Course

New to blues bass? With this course, you can ease into understanding this timeless style of music

The Ultimate Music Theory Booth Camp

Learn how to understand music theory and apply it directly to the bass guitar

30 day Killer Technique Action Plan

A road map to improve your finger speed, dexterity & tone in just 30 days.

30 day Killer Rock Bass Action Plan

Improve your rock bass skills in 30 days and learn the 5 Point Masterplan System


Gain access to over 550+ personally-made song charts, as well as the future ones that I'll be making!


Essential Guide to Walking Bass

All the foundational walking bass concepts you need in one e-book!

Essential Guide to Blues Bass Guitar


Essential Guide to Technique

An extensive guide to must-know bass playing technique concepts

Complete Guide to Music Theory

New to music theory?
This ebook has everything you need to get a great start


Blues Jam Backing Track Album

World class, custom made backing tracks help you prepare for a blues jam session

Classic Rock Jam Backing Track Album

Custom-made backing tracks to rock out with made especially for bass players!

Jazz Jam Backing Track Vol 1

An album of Jazz Jam Tracks featuring tracks played a jam sessions all over the world.

Jazz Jam Backing Track Vol 2

Even more high quality jazz jam backing tracks to play along with.


90 Day Walking bass Challenge

Drastically improve your walking bass playing in just 90 days with this challenge!

30 Day Classic Rock Challenge

Are you game for a special rock challenge? This 30 day interactive group challenge is the one for you!

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