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The Essential Technique Course

James Eager Bass Guitar

Your Instructor:
James Eager

Skill Level
Beginners to Intermediate

The Essential Technique Course is an online video tutorial series that helps beginner to more experienced bassists develop a rock solid bass guitar technique, by giving laser targeted, step by step lessons that equip them with the confidence to play the music they love.

"I wanted to say thank you. I have spent money and time on many other sites, books, videos etc...and nothing compares to eBassGuitar. You make learning fun and easy. I am excited to be a part of the family.".  - Shayne Miller (Indiana, USA)

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Bass Guitar Technique Course

Your Essential Technique Course:

  • Get 16 Laser Focused, Step By Step Video Tutorials
  • Download PDFs, Sheet Music & Tab
  • Improve Speed, Dexterity & Timing
  • Develop Your Tone & Sound
  • Understand How To Work With A Metronome Properly
  • Watch In Depth Plucking & Fretting Hand Technique Tutorials
  • Discover Muting & String Crossing Invaluable Techniques
  • Master The 1 Finger Per Fret Technique, '4 over 3' Technique & Position Shifting

Inside this course you will learn:

  • The importance of strap height & posture
  • The correct hand positioning to gain maximum speed & dexterity and important
  • Insights into how the hands actually work.
  • How to make sure you are string crossing and muting properly.
  • Why scales and arpeggios are important for technique.
  • How to practise technique using fun and real world bass lines.

Is the Essential Technique Course Right For Me?

​If you are a beginner to Intermediate bass player and want to learn how to supercharge your technique - the unquestionably YES, YES, YES!!

My ideas and teaching material comes from a wide range of musical experiences... so even experienced and professional bass players will find some very powerful ideas in here.

The 'Essential Technique Course' covers the foundational skills you need to begin your journey of understanding bass guitar technique properly.

The course begins by examining the fundamentals of how your hands actually work before moving onto more advance concepts and ideas.

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In the unlikely situation you find the Essential Technique Course is not for you, just email me, within 30 days and you'll received a no questions asked refund... that's how we roll at eBassGuitar :-)

What students say about eBassGuitar

Clear, Concise & Well Thought-Out - You Wont Regret It!

James Eager has not transformed my bass playing. That is up to me! However, what James HAS done is given me the tools so that I CAN transform my bass playing!

James Eager has allowed ME to transform my playing by providing detailed, clearly explained break-downs of the tools I need to fill my toolbox! His explanations of things such as walking bass line creation, or left hand technique (yeah, that ìcrabî thing) or groove are clear, concise, and well thought-out.

I have tried several other on-line or video instructional lessons. None are as well thought-through or clear as those created by James. While us ìYanksî may not always understand the colloquialisms of ìthe Brits, James has been kind enough to translate for us so we can understand the relevant lesson!

I would highly recommend James Eager for your needed lessons/instruction. You wont regret it!

Steve Micklin (Michigan USA)

"Knack Of Making Things Very Clear"

I have found Jamesís on-line bass lessons to be extremely useful. James seems to have the knack of making things very clear by combining talk with close-up images of him playing the instrument, sometimes illustrated by incorporating audio clips of various artists work.
James's lessons have a good balance of factual content and a certain light-heartedness that makes them enjoyable. Also, he is a very friendly guy, who is very willing to interact with students on a one-to-one basis, over email.

Simon Dabbs (Philippines)

"You don't present too much at one time, just enough"

Just wanted to send you a note of appreciation. I've been playing bass for many, MANY years although I still don't consider myself an advanced player.

I like your lessons very much. You don't present too much at on time, just enough, and what you do present is almost always valuable and useful. Thanks very much.

Patrick Foreman (Oregon, USA)

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Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

In the unlikely situation you find the Essential Technique Course is not for you, just email me, within 30 days and you'll received a no questions asked refund... that's how we roll at eBassGuitar :-)