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Music theory has all too often been made into an Confusing, over complicated, academic study which has little relevance to helping you become a Better bass guitar Player. 

But studying it WILL be a game changer for your bass playing...

I've been paying my mortgage as a professional bass player here in the UK for the past 15 years and I've learned a ton of music theory in my time.

1000s of gigs later, I now have total clarity on what music theory matters for us bass players... and what's a waste of time.

For us bass players there are simple 'core concepts' we need to learn. The rest can go in the trash can.

This subject is so hot... time and time again I have asked if I can I deep dive into all this good stuff?

Yes! That's why I've created 'The Ultimate Music Theory Boot Camp'

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Do any of these apply to you:

  • Are you a bass player who wants to leave the tab behind and really start to understand how the fingerboard works?
  • Are you a bass player who is looking to improve your musical ear and accurately predict what chords are coming next?
  • Do you want to be able to fluently communicate ideas to fellow band mates and save hours of hours of rehearsal time?
  • Do you want to understand what music theory matters and what theory can be thrown in the bass player's trash can? 
  • Do you need to be able to learn and memorise songs and bass lines faster?
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Getting playing with other musicians is the key to rapid progress!

If you answer yes to any of those questions... read on!

The Ultimate Music Theory Boot Camp is a 6 - 8 module course where you'll study the music theory that really matters live with me.

Every session I'll explain how much music theory works and the demonstrate it on the bass guitar.

Every step of the way you can ask me questions to ensure your understanding is 100% solid.

Every session is professionally recorded and edited, so you can rewatch time and time again. 

The course comes in two configurations:

 - 6 Week 'Core Concepts' Course - everything you need to be able to understand and play great bass lines in the real world.

- 8 Week 'Extended Concepts' - Perfect if you want to explore more advanced theory, styles of music like Jazz and how to start reading music notation.

The goal of this course is to give all the skills and understanding to use music theory in the real world and give you just the knowledge you really need.

You get all of THIS in the 'Core Concepts' course... and can take it further in the 'Extended Concepts' option.

Course Overview - Find Out How You Can Transform Your Bass Playing In Less Than 8 Modules!

By the end of the Ultimate Music Theory Boot Camp you will:
  • Be able to understand the core music theory concepts all bass players need to know
  • Learn how to apply and use music theory in the real world so you can play play with other musicians
  • Discover techniques and essential understanding that will allow you to create, improvise & jam your own bass lines on the fly
  • Understand what the 'Greats' are doing so you can work out why they sounds so good
  • Improve you musical ear so you can accurately predict what chords or notes are coming next
  • Gain crucial confidence so you can communicate and play with better musicians and get more prestigious gigs / shows
Music theory for bass players course

 6 Module 'Core Concepts' Workshop Outline

Module One

Laying The Foundations

Module Two

The Scale Builder

Module Three

Building The House

Module Four

Approaching Nashville

Module Five

Chord Tones Unleashed

Module Six

Let's Talk Rhythm!

 Optional 8 Module 'Extended Concepts' Workshop Outline

Module Seven 

The Modes Mastery Course - A whole 'mini course' dedicated to understanding The Modes and how to apply them in the real word.

Module Eight

The Rhythm & Notation Foundation Course - A whole 'mini course' that lays the foundations to reading and understanding standard notation for the bass Guitar.

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Sound good? Discover what students are already saying about The Complete Guide To Music Theory eBook:

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Just purchased the program. I spent about 30 min looking into it so far. I'm very happy with it. Its laid out simple and is very easy to read, with great diagrams. Thanks James 

Mike McCoy [USA]

Bass Guitar Lessons philippines


It's a breath of fresh air 'cos James has focused in on what we bass students really need to know, and has excluded a lot of extraneous, confusing stuff. Nice one James! It's worth every penny.

Simon Dabbs

bass guitar lessons online


Exceptionally well written and easy to follow guide! As usual James has done a masterful job of explaining complex ideas in easy to digest format. Don't miss out on this, it should be in every bass-player's library!

Steven Micklin [USA]

Bill Sederholm Bass Guitar


I ordered the program to get a look at some concepts I'd forgotten. It was good enough! The layout is a simple, logical sequence that is perfect for the theory newbie or for the know-it-alls!

Bill Sederholm (USA)

Bass Guitar Student


This is a fantastic guide! I have been diligently studying Music Theory for the past 5 years, and this is the best concise guide that I have seen!"

Steve P [USA]

Bass Guitar Lessons


I've switched onto eBassGuitar because it's very practical and easy to follow, but with a solid underpinning of musical theory. I recently bought the program which I love - music theory explained so well. Thanks James & crew"

Dale Campbell [Australia]

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-The 6 Module Music Theory Boot Camp gives you all the essentials bass players need.
- The 8 Module Extended bootcamp will deepen your knowledge even further.
6 Module 'Core Concepts' Course

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The 8 Module Extended Boot Camp 



  • Unlimited Access To Modules 1 -8 
  • The Most Comprehensive Deep-Dive In Music Theory For The Bass Guitar
  • Over 29 Lessons + Bonus Live Classes
  • Professionally Recorded So You Can Rewatch Anytime
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee