Uncover a bass guitar system so straightforward & fun even a beginner could impress Paul McCartney: 

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 Are you sick and tired of always hitting bum notes, falling behind when you try to play along to songs, and never quite finding that deep, soulful groove?


Do your fingers trip over themselves every time you try to play a simple bassline?

Is your timing sloppy and irregular, no matter how much you practice?

Are you constantly fumbling simple rhythms and missing notes, leaving you frustrated and feeling like you’ll never improve?

Do you obsessively practice scales and exercises but STILL can’t lock in with the drummer or hang with fast tempos?

Have you tried lesson after lesson but keep hitting plateaus, still unable to smoothly groove through entire songs?

And are you tired of bass resources that are too advanced or just plain boring, instead of meeting you where you’re at and taking your playing to the next stage?

If so...


and this is not your fault!

Through my 20 years in the industry, I’ve spoken to thousands of bass players who were experiencing the same struggle.


See, the truth is that every aspiring bass player struggles with things like:

  • Playing with rock-solid rhythm & timing
  • Navigating the whole of the bass guitar fretboard
  • Playing music by numbers using inaccurate tab sites and YouTube videos
  • Improvising and jamming their own bass lines in the moment
  • Avoiding unwanted buzzes and notes not sounding correctly
  • Hearing songs on the fly and playing the bass line effortlessly
  • Feeling stuck playing the same bass riffs over and over again

And it's disheartening, right? 

Especially when all you want as a bassist is to play your favourite songs, navigate the fretboard with ease, and learn how to pick up new songs on the fly.

Whether you just jam along to your favourite tracks at home, or you’re gigging with a band, or whether you want to be the next Sting, Flea, or Bootsy Collins… we ALL want to master the fretboard and play it with ease.

But the truth is, no matter how passionate or hardworking you are, these hurdles can sometimes feel insurmountable.

But here's the good news...

I want to show you how you can go from being stuck in a rut to playing your favourite songs and bass lines effortlessly, in as little as 16 weeks.

By the time we're done here, you'll know how to:

  • Consistently hit the right notes, every single time
  • Gain confidence across the entire fretboard and never again feel stuck playing the same lines over and over and over...
  • Improve your timing and rhythm to match any track or style, from rock to funk, jazz to blues...
  • Rapidly pick up new songs and expand your repertoire

And you'll do all this even if:

  • You're starting from scratch and have no prior experience
  • You’re paralysed with fear by the fretboard
  • You've struggled with time management and consistent practice in the past
  • You don't believe you’re a natural bassist and have zero rhythm

But I want to assure you that...

Whether you're a beginner bassist embarking on your musical journey, or a seasoned player looking to enhance your skills and delve deeper into bass grooves, we've got you covered.

I found that the Bass Lab PLUS is a program and not individual videos just slapped together.” 

Bob [USA]

I appreciate having access to you and being able to ask questions. It's such good value!” 

Jane C [USA]

Let's dive into how we can help you turn these struggles into triumphs.

Now, you’re probably wondering "Who the heck is this person making these promises and

why should I listen to them?"

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is James Eager, and I'm your bass coach and mentor.

With nearly 20 years of experience as a professional bass player and instructor, I've not only performed countless gigs but also mentored thousands of students just like you.

My teaching experience has allowed me to help these students transform their bass-playing skills, enabling them to hit the right notes consistently, dramatically improve timing, and rapidly learn new songs.

My experience?

  • I've played more gigs than a groupie's seen encores, performing with some of the UK's finest musicians for nearly 20 years. 

  • I've honed my skills in technique, bass line creation chops, and ear-training techniques to consistently deliver top-notch performances across a variety of professional situations.

  • Perhaps more importantly, I've mastered the art of preparing for and performing in some of the most demanding gigs and shows around. Trust me, I've faced tougher crowds than a stand-up comedian at a funeral!

  • I’ve taught tens of thousands of students in the last couple of decades both in person and now online.

But how did this journey lead to the creation of what I’m about to reveal? 

Let's dive into that right away.

I really liked James's safe group to present your work and get feedback...” 

Chas [USA]

Over the last two decades, countless bass players approached me, saying:

"I just can't find my groove! No online courses or lessons really click with where I'm at with my bass playing. It's just a bummer, man. I feel like I'm always spinning my wheels."

There’s a problem with the way most people learn bass...

See, the majority of courses and even most teachers offer curriculums or sets of lessons with only one pace in mind - 



Most online courses focus on technical exercises and scales but don't provide enough practical application of those skills in the form of playing along with songs or jam tracks…

You, as a student, are unique, 

yet most online courses offer a one-size-fits-all approach.


This mismatch leaves you feeling stuck,


progressing too slowly,

or lost in overly advanced lessons…

Many courses lack real-world application, focusing on theory and exercises. You're left stranded, unsure how to apply your knowledge to actual music...

Without any feedback, you can unknowingly adopt poor techniques and habits. Learning alone, it's easy to lose motivation and miss the benefits of a learning community…

And you’re left on your own, repeating the same patterns and scales every time you strap on your bass...

Leaving as disoriented as someone who never touched a bass guitar before, trying to pick up the complex riffs of a Rush song...

Endlessly playing the same monotonous tunes can leave you feeling bored and doubting your potential.

You may start to wonder if you'll ever be able to show off your bass skills to your friends or step onto a stage for a performance.

If that’s you… I know exactly how you feel.

It's enough to crush anyone's vibe and make you feel like you're running in circles.

Most of our students felt the same prior to joining Bass Lab PLUS. 

We're living in this crazy digital age, with info flying at us from all directions. Finding a course or a teacher that really vibes with you is like looking for a bass pick in a mosh pit.

Most online bass courses often offer a generic curriculum.

They're often a messy compilation of lessons that are too advanced for beginners and too simplistic for intermediates. 

If lessons don't fit you, it's easy to feel trapped, restricted to one fretboard area.

We see you as a unique bassist with a unique set of struggles and challenges

✅ Our system will give you confidence across the entire fretboard.

✅ Our comprehensive fretboard navigation lessons will set your fingers free.

"Fretboard fear" restricts many bassists. We guide you past these roadblocks and give you the confidence to explore every note, to freely unleash your unique creativity.

But here's the best news:

Your frustration motivated me and my team to find a solution.

We've already helped thousands of bassists master the fretboard, enjoy playing again, and make real progress.

And guess what? 

We've taken it a step further.

We've amped up Bass Lab PLUS to make it even more systematic and engaging. 

Whatever your skill level or musical ability, our clear roadmap can help you evolve from a total beginner to a badass bassist. Imagine always being ready to pull your bass off its stand and jam out a surprise session that'll blow your buddies and family away.

So, are you ready to amp up your bass skills?

Bass Guitar Student


I was looking for guidance and tuition I could use immediately, to get me up and running in the shortest time possible.

The lessons are short, well delivered and thoroughly practical. James gets straight to the point and gets you playing in minutes!

Steve P [USA]


I have been following a few online instructors and it has been information overload! Your videos have broken down the lessons into bite-size chunks. This makes the learning curve a lot easier to handle. Your videos are just the right length of time and I don't feel overwhelmed by the pace you have set for your lessons. I have developed a lot of confidence in my playing ability.

Joe [UK]

Do you know what separates a bass guitarist who struggles with muting strings, losing rhythm, and looping the same riffs, versus one who effortlessly plays?

What I’m about to reveal might shock you…

... being a solid bassist doesn't hinge on having a "musical gene".

It's not about how long you've been playing...

And it doesn't depend on lightning-fast fingers or massive hands.

(No, you don't need to be Marcus Miller to play bass lines with confidence and precision!)

What truly matters is

A roadmap: a system that actually works!

Enter the "The Great Pyramid of Bass" System...

With this proven system, you can:

  • Easily incorporate bass playing into your busy schedule. Why wish for a time machine when a structured plan can fit into your calendar? Learn and practice at your pace, without compromising consistency, even if you can afford only 10-15 minutes a day.

  • Experience professional-level bass lessons without burning a hole in your pocket. No need to worry about steep fees; our platform provides over 350+ lessons, a community of supportive bassists, and personal guidance from professional seasoned coaches (including myself) round the clock, without the hefty price tag!

  • Improve your bass skills without feeling lost in complexity. With our system, you'll have a clear starting point, a step-by-step guide, and a roadmap that'll meet you at your current level, helping you overcome the most frustrating struggles (more on that below).

From basement jamming enthusiasts and local gig performers to complete beginners yearning to learn their favourite tunes… 

The "Great Pyramid of Bass" teaches you exactly

➠ WHAT to play,

➠ HOW to keep the rhythm grooving,

➠ and WHEN to progress to the next level.

Struggling to make your bass lines flow smoothly across the fretboard? We focus on fundamentals and connectivity, ensuring a seamless transition from one note to the next.

Say goodbye to losing the beat, or struggling to find the “right” bass lines! It's almost like having your own GPS for bass guitar, with John Entwistle as your guide.

Now, that may sound too good to be true...

Especially if you always struggled to find a consistent flow of practice…

Or feel hopeless because you couldn’t swiftly pluck or pick the strings...

Or if you frequently let strings ring or mute the wrong strings by mistake…

Or when your fingers feel out of control...

Or when you lose your rhythm…

I understand your doubts.

However, after two decades of bass playing and teaching experience, I've created the simplest teaching method and practice structure for you.

Here at eBassGuitar, we've been transforming bass novices into masters since 2016 with our online membership, The Bass Lab PLUS.

Fast-forward a few years, and we've made a major revamp to our tried and tested system.

Picture giving it a fresh set of strings: the same reliable system, but upgraded to be even more effective and simpler to learn, regardless of your current skill level.

Thanks to the "Great Pyramid of Bass" system, we’ll guide you through the level-up roadmap that you’ll find in no other courses, books, or YouTube video lessons.

The "Great Pyramid of Bass" is an ACTUAL system built on the 3 foundational stages you need to become a confident, performance-ready bassist.

The system meets you at your current skill level and guides you through a progressive, step-by-step level-up structure.

And the first level is the core of all great bass playing…

The “PLAY” stage.

You know when you hear a great bass line, one where the notes sync perfectly and you can't help but tap your foot and nod your head?

That's what the "Play" stage is all about.

Lessons within this first stage will solve your problem of not sounding musical, enabling you to play with enough finesse to play songs from beginning to end with great timing and plenty of musical understanding.

So as you progress your way to Stage 2, you’ll be able to jam along with many world-famous songs 

And playing starts to become natural when you enter the second stage of the “Great Pyramid of Bass”...

The "PERFECT" stage.

Now at first, that might sound too good to be true…

So let me put your scepticism at ease…

In the PERFECT stage, we don't just teach you to play the bass all across the whole fretboard; we train you to understand every bass line and technique you learn, and, crucially, to feel it too. 

This stage is all about perfecting the fundamental skills you learn in the PLAY stage. 

So you’ll gain the freedom to explore every nook and cranny of the fretboard without hesitation or fear you’ll hit the wrong string, or play a wrong chord progression.

Playing in time and easily picking up the riffs to your favourite songs becomes second nature if you follow the system and the structure of the PERFECT stage.

I’m not here to convince you that Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 is a magical wand that’ll turn you into Geddy Lee or Jaco Pastorious without practice.

And I’m not going to lie or try to sell you on a dream. 

The Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 offers a simple system…

But you still need to show up and pick up the bass!

However, you’ll have a crystal-clear direction, and you won’t have to invest hours a day to practice.

So even if you have 10 minutes a day to follow the simple practising structure, you’ll gain a deep understanding of KNOWING which bass lines sound good together…

And, more importantly, WHY they sound good together.

Once you PERFECT your skill and proudly call yourself a bass bassist, you’ll feel confident to:


Perform stage arms you with the skills and nuanced techniques to deliver exceptional performances across a wide range of styles.

You know, it’s one thing to practice alone in your room, mastering those scales and licks.


It's a whole different ball game when you're in front of an audience,


or even just jamming with your pals. That's where the real magic happens!

Think about it. You've honed your skills, but now it's time to show off a little. 

Whether it's nailing that bass solo at an open mic, or just laying down a groovy bass line with your band, performing in front of others takes your playing experience to another universe. 

It also adds a thrill. 

An adrenalin rush that you just can't get practising alone.

Here's how the PERFORM part of our course is gonna get you gig-ready:

❑ Video Challenges 

Every month, we’ll have video challenges. Record yourself, post it in our community, get feedback, and watch yourself grow. It's like a virtual stage, helping you get used to being in the spotlight.


Virtual or real-life, depending on where you are. Connect with fellow bassists, guitarists, and drummers, and just let loose. These sessions are invaluable. You get to test out what you've learned, adapt to different musical situations, and just have fun!

❑ Performance Tips & Tricks

Being a solid bassist isn't just about playing the right lines. It's about stage presence, dealing with nerves, and connecting with your audience. Our dedicated sections on performance will equip you with everything you need to own the stage.

❑ Ask For Feedback

After every performance, virtual or otherwise, get feedback from the community and our professional team. It's a goldmine of insights that’ll sharpen your live-playing edge.

❑ Collaboration Opportunities

Being an active participant in our community discussions can connect you to other musicians. Maybe you find your next bandmate with us, or just someone cool to collaborate with on a project.

So, the Perform stage essentially makes you performance-ready, ready to groove, ready to impress, and most importantly, ready to actually have fun doing it!

This stage prepares you for the climax of your musical journey, where you get to showcase your seemingly new hidden talent of playing the bass guitar like you have decades of high-level experience.

Our system will instill in you a solid grasp of jamming fundamentals by showing you and helping you quickly pick up on advanced techniques, such as correct slap bass, and expanding your knowledge on some of the most challenging lines from the worlds of Jazz, Blues, Latin, and Country Music.

Most bassists struggle to slap like Victor Wooten because they spend so much time on complicated techniques

only to find that they make slow progress (if any at all). 

This is because a good slap technique has NOTHING to do with slapping and popping the strings. 

It's ALL about your wrist

Yet, nobody talks about that.

And that’s why we have you covered with the Perform stage.

You’ll also learn the ins and outs of playing Funk, Latin, and Gospel… 

And be able to apply all your new skills to Classic, Hard Rock, and Metal.

Whether it's playing with a band, freestyling at a public jam session, or nailing your favourite song in front of your friends, the Perform stage has got your back!

online bass Guitar lessons


I was having horrific trouble sorting out my learning curve. I was almost ready to... I don't know what?! Then I saw your course, James! Breaking it down, each section. Well first I just go in a little. Wow! Better. I signed up for Bass Lab PLUS. Never looked back.

Rex ‘T REX’ Davis [USA]


James is very easy to listen to, and they way he breaks things down is a godsend. I trust him. I'm much more confident. I see patterns in my mind. My fingers are faster. I'm playing better bass!!! Join now! YOU WON'T BE SORRY.

Neil [Canada]

The Great Pyramid of Bass system eliminates the guesswork in finding the right notes…

Enabling you to pluck the strings with the impeccable timing

that sets apart a novice from a seasoned bass player with decades of experience…

So you can enjoy great bass guitar sound whenever you jam along to your favourite tracks.

But that’s not it…

After you complete each lesson of the "Great Pyramid of Bass"…

Our team of coaches will continue to push your skill each month with a new set of challenges, masterclasses and live sessions

Your bass playing will sound fresh, engaging, and precise, no matter what you're playing…

Because you’ll learn how to play with precision, speed, and great timing.

Just imagine how that’ll feel...

Coming from a place of frustration…

To be able to play the bass guitar like it’s second nature to you…

You’ll no longer feel confined to the same few notes in the first few frets...

And being stuck in the intermediate limbo of playing the same old bass lines over and over again will be a thing of the past!


You'll feel confident every time you pick up your bass to play…

Be it a jam session with friends, a quiet evening at home, or stepping onto a stage...

You'll NEVER run out of thrilling and fresh songs to play!

Because you'll know all the right notes when to play them, where to play them... and how to make the proper bass sound to vibrate through your bones...

Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 is the only bass learning program that guides you through the personalised roadmap of bass guitar development!

Think of Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 as your personal jam session with a team of professional and experienced bass guitar coaches, devoted to making you performance-ready.

And you’ll be able to start feeling like a natural bass guitarist in a matter of months!

Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 is carefully crafted across 9 comprehensive levels, each focusing on a specific element of the "Great Pyramid of Bass" system. 

Regardless of your experience, our program is designed to meet you where you are and address your current struggles…

And you’ll finally be able to keep to practice consistently because our system allows you to practice anytime, anywhere, with as little as a 10-minute time investment.

You’ll be amazed at the simplicity of easy-to-follow video lessons…

No more constant rewinding of YouTube videos…

No more lessons that don’t resonate with your current playing skill…

You’ll be able to progress at your own pace...

And for the first time ever have complete peace of mind…

Because you’ll have clear action steps that guide you on what to do when to do it, how to do it…

And you’ll know exactly when to advance to the next level.

You'll always feel you're on the right path, 

making more progress in months, 

than you would be able to do in years following traditional online courses and YouTube lessons

You’ll finally be able to practice with joy and ever-growing enthusiasm…

Your bass playing will be so much more captivating, you won’t be able to resist practising…

And marvel at how harmonious and musical your bass lines sound each time you grab the guitar!

"I'm very excited at the progress that I've got going so far."

“Hey James! This is Garth here, I'm loving eBassGuitar and the Bass Lab PLUS. It's really helping me to get going. I've had a bass for 10 years and I still knew the same basic notes until getting your program and it's really helping me to get generated and get started and I'm very excited at the progress that I've got going so far.

And, just thank you for everything. Appreciate it. God bless you.”

Garth Oliver [USA]

Now that you know what “Bass Lab PLUS 2.0” 

will do for your bass playing…

Let me illustrate how each level will transform your bass playing RAPIDLY

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned player, we've got something for you.

Within each stage, there are 3 Bass Lab PLUS levels designed to instill a vital skill in your bass playing. 

We've cut the crap and trimmed it down to easily digestible bite-sized lessons (and we've got over 350 lessons!). 

You can tune in anytime, anywhere, even if you've only got 10-15 minutes to spare. 

You’ll be able to progress at your own pace, with clear action steps to guide you. 

That's right, it’s just you, your bass, and our roadmap to bass mastery.

Think of our course like this: it's a cool mix of structured lessons and real-world music. In each level, you get to pick from five awesome songs to jam along with. 

Our main objective with Bass Lab PLUS was never about just learning, it was always about having fun while making consistent progress.

So, instead of yawn-inducing random lessons, you're learning the ropes while grooving to actual tracks you love to listen to and you always wanted to play. 

Once you’ve aced each of the courses and mastered the songs, 

you’ll receive a certificate to proudly hang on your trophy wall.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As part of our 24-month commitment to Bass Lab PLUS members…

You’ll have a new cool challenge and fresh content to look forward to each month…

So get ready to jam your heart out, whether you're chilling at home, waiting in a hotel room, or warming up backstage before a gig.

Upon joining the Bass Lab PLUS, you’ll gain immediate access to every single stage and level of the "Great Pyramid of Bass". 

So you can follow the simple structure…

Or select any lesson from any level. 

You can log into the membership and kickstart your journey right away. 

Our dedicated team can even assist you in determining your personal ‘level’ using a simple online questionnaire or a dedicated assessment from one of our coaching team. 

Expect a fresh course 3 times a year from James and the eBassGuitar coaching team.

You’ll be able to pick up your bass and play your favorite tunes,


whether you're at home

in a hotel room, on holiday,

or warming up backstage before a gig.

And you'll finally be able to navigate the fretboard with ease thanks to the simple step-by-step systems I'll show you right now:

Like I mentioned, as soon as you join us, you’ll get access to each Level…

So if you don’t know what Level you’re in, or if you feel you’re kinda in-between Levels, worry not…

You can simply choose an option to take an Expert Assessment with one of our coaches, and we’ll tell you exactly what Level will fit you perfectly to start off with.

And you’ll also have the support of hands-down the most welcoming and helpful bass guitar community out there! 

The Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 Membership is more than just a course… 

It's a comprehensive bass guitar learning ecosystem. 

Here's how BLP2.0 will transform your bass playing:

Over 350 step-by-step video lessons: 

You can finally complete the impossible quest of digging through the internet to find the right lesson tailored for you. BLP 2.0 is your destination. No more guesswork or confusion. Each of the 9 Levels will guide you through every step of your bass journey, ensuring you always know what to do next. You'll never feel lost or overwhelmed.

Live monthly masterclasses with top professional bass players from all around the world:

You’ll get insights and tips from the best in the business. These masterclasses expose you to a variety of styles and techniques, expanding your musical horizons and keeping your bass playing fresh and exciting.

Live Q&A sessions:

Got questions? We got answers - and that’s another guarantee! Our team of professional coaches (including myself) will never allow you to get stuck or frustrated. You'll always have the support you need to overcome challenges and keep progressing.

Monthly Challenges:

Every month, we’ll challenge you to stretch your abilities and push you out of your comfort zone, accelerating your growth as a bassist. They're also a lot of fun!

Unlimited access to the BLP Clubroom (our private members forum):

You don’t just get access to me personally through the BLP Clubroom. You get an invite to a community of fellow bassists who are as passionate and dedicated as you are. Share your progress, get feedback, and learn from others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

A supportive community of bass players:

You're not just joining a course, you're joining a family. And your new bass-obsessed family will be there to celebrate your wins, support you through each monthly challenge, and keep you accountable, motivated and inspired.

Unlimited access to exclusive bass guitar resources you can’t find anywhere else online, including original backing tracks, transcriptions, PDFs, cheat sheets, and fingerboard diagrams:

Everything you need to learn and practice bass is at your fingertips. The resources we compiled for YOU will enrich your practice sessions, deepen your understanding, and make learning bass more enjoyable and rewarding.

With Bass Lab PLUS 2.0, you're not just getting one-of-a-kind learning system and membership access...

You're getting a comprehensive, immersive, and fun learning experience that will take your bass playing to new heights.

Now I know that sounds extraordinary and it’s almost too good to believe, but…

Look at how my other students like you have transformed their playing with what I share inside

Bass Lab PLUS 2.0…

James has a very friendly one-on-one attitude cuz he cares!

Wendell Goff [USA]

eBassGuitar is a great learn-at-your-pace tool. It’s really helped me refine my sound.

Chris Maldonado [USA]

I've been a member for a few months now, and hands-down, the best decision that I've made” 

Jim Steinmetz [UK]

eBassGuitar has gotten me from focusing on what I can't do as a bass player to what I can do”

Alan Wheeler [USA]

I've managed to jam with my mates and get my first gig as well! !

Richard Mosek [UK]

“ I found it. I'm working with it. I'm loving it.” 

Richard Rhoades [USA]

We’re Giving You 2 Exclusive Bonuses 

Worth $499.40 

When You Join 

The Bass Lab PLUS 2.0 Yearly Membership!

The Jam Centre (Value = $349.65)

84 custom tracks spread across 7 world-class backing track albums. These albums, designed specifically for bass guitar, cover a wide range of styles including Jazz, Rock, Pop/Funk, Country, Classic Blues, and Texas Blues. This alone will give you enough practice to gain confidence to perform, and you’ll be able to do it at any place, any time.

The Digital Book Vault

(Value $149.75)

Gain access to 5 best-selling books. These books cover everything you need to know about Bass Guitar Foundations, Walking Bass, Blues, Music Theory & Technique. It's your new personal bass guitar library that has everything you’ll ever need to learn the bass guitar theory.

The Bass Lab PLUS is specifically designed to enhance your skills as a bassist and to transform you into a confident performer. 

Our main objective is to ensure that you become a better bass player. 

I started eBassGuitar based on a strong belief in our following mantra: 

If you are not satisfied with our services, we do not want to take your money. 

Therefore, if for any reason we fail to deliver on our promise of improving your bass-playing abilities, you can request a full refund within 30 days of signing up.

Additionally, we offer a free 14-day trial period, giving you a total of 44 days to evaluate whether the Bass Lab PLUS is the right fit for you. 

We encourage you to join our program and become one with your favourite instrument. 




monthly, auto-renewal

  • 650+ Video Course Lessons
  • Great Pyramid Of Bass Level System
  • Exclusive Private Forum
  • Facebook Community
  • Live Q&A and Workshops
  • PDF Lesson Charts & Notation
  • Mobile App for Tablet & Phone
  • World Class Priority Support
  • 30 Day Student Satisfaction Guarantee





Save 43% | Billed $199 yearly

  • 650+ Video Course Lessons
  • Great Pyramid Of Bass Level System
  • Exclusive Private Forum
  • Facebook Community
  • Live Q&A and Workshops
  • PDF Lesson Charts & Notation
  • Mobile App for Tablet & Phone
  • World Class Priority Support
  • 30-Day Student Satisfaction Guarantee

INCLUDES Ultimate Bonus Bundle ($499.40)

  • eBassGuitar Digital Book Bundle - 5 Best Selling  ($149.75)
  • eBassGuitar Backing Track Album Vault - 7 World Class Backing Track Albums (Value $349.65)



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