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[NEW] Epic Grooves For Bass Players Vol.1 Backing Track Album

An 'Epic' New System Designed To Supercharge Your Bass Groove !

Custom Made Backing Tracks Inspired By The Greatest Artists In The World

Epic Grooves For Bass players is a collection of incredible sound backing tracks designed to supercharge your bass groove using “Groove Level System”.

This backing track album is inspired by legendary bands and artists such as theThe Police to The Beatles, Kool & The Gang to The Meters and Foo Fighters To Muse.

Epic Grooves For Bass Players will give you the tools to add ‘rocket fuel’ to your bass lines...

It’s been created with one purpose in mind - to show you how to play and develop inspirational sounding grooves that will make your family, friends' and band buddies' heads turn.

The concept is simple and extremely powerful and the tracks are perfect for beginner to advanced players alike and covers the most important contemporary styles of groove music - Heavy Rock to Funk, County To Reggae, Soul to Modern Pop.

How it Works:

We’ve taken 12 world famous tracks and created a collection of straight forward backing tracks inspired by the main sections of each song. These sections then repeat so you can lose yourself in the track without having to worry about the song form.

We then introduce you to the ‘Groove Level System’ and this is what makes Epic Grooves For Bass Players Unique.

For each track we’ve given you 3 - 5 custom made bass lines or ‘Groove Levels’. Each groove gets systematically more fun and musically involved one step at a time

With the ‘Groove Level System’ you’ll discover the secrets of how to take bass grooves from:

  • Simple to intense
  • Straight forward to complex
  • Laid back and minimalist…to busy and full on.

This will give you the feeling of freedom to stop playing the same old bass line round and round parrot fashion and enables you to feel like you’re holding own in the band.

Each example is written out in the PDF Workbook which is included. There are optional performance videos so you can watch James perform each level.

Epic Grooves For Bass Players is far more than a collection of backing tracks... it’s a whole process that will give you the full insight into how top pros get those extra ‘musical gears’.

What you Get:

  • 12 Incredible sounding backing tracks without bass guitar so you can freely jam along. The album is arranged in from the simplest tracks (ideals for beginners) though to more challenging (perfect for intermediate to advanced players)
  • 12 ‘Guide Tracks’ so you can hear each ‘level of groove’ which means you know exactly what you’re aiming for.
  • Downloadable PDF workbook with standard notation, tablature and chords for each track and each ‘level of groove’.
  • Instant digital access via the eBassGuitar member’s area so you get jamming right away and use the album on multiple devices.

Here's what students are saying about eBassGuitar

"It was a super easy value proposition for me!"

- Jane (USA)

"James has a wide range of ability to show complex things in a simple way"

- Drazen D.

" James is just a great tutor. He explains things spot on. He doesn't show off."

- Kev P.

" James gets to the point and gets you playing with in minutes!.."


" You don't take anything for granted. You teach people how to play the right way and help to get rid of bad habits from the beginning. You are available to your students, and we don't need to pay a fee to email or talk to you. That is huge."

Jeff Schommer

" I had been following a few other online instructors and it became infirmation overload! Your videos have broken down the lessons into bite size chunks. This makes the learning curve a lot easier to handle... Your videos are just the right length of time and I don't feel overwhelmed by the pace you have set for your lessons. I have developed a lot more confidence in my playing ability..."

- Joe

Customize Your Order:

  • Optional CD copy that can be sent directly to your front door.

  • Optional ‘Performance Tracks’ so you can watch James perform each track and ‘level of groove’.

12 Backing Tracks Inspired By The Following Legendary Artists:

  1. The Temptations
  2. Doobie Brothers
  3. The Beatles
  4. The Meters
  5. Foo Fighters
  6. Pharrell 

7. Kool & The Gang

8. Muse

9. The Harry James AllStars

10. The Police

11.  Toto

12. Tina Turner

Watch the video above to hear a sample of each track!

Ready To Play Epic Grooves Today?

If you want to level up your up bass groove and discover the unique “Groove Level System” you need the Epic Grooves For Bass Players backing track album.

And you’ll also get our famous “Burn A vintage Fender Guarantee”... After 30 Days, if you wouldn’t burn a $10,000 vintage Fender P-bass to keep Epic Grooves for Bass Players backing track album, I’ll return every dollar you paid.

So there’s zero risk and every chance you’re going to discover how to supercharge your bass groove!

Click the button below to order your copy Epic Groove’s For Bass Players and start leveling up your bass groove right away!

What are the performance tracks?

The performance tracks are 12 videos where you can see me playing each track. This will help inspire you and show you exactly what you are aiming for level by level.

What standard bass player do I need to be to get the most out of Epic Grooves?

→ The tracks are designed to work with all standards of players... from beginner to advanced.

We’ve specifically arranged them in order of complexity. The tracks at the start of the album are simple and work for bassists who are just starting out. 

As you work your way through the album the tracks get more challenging and are perfect for intermediate to advanced players.

Is there a video tutorial course to go with Epic Grooves?

→ Early next year we will be releasing a full video course to accompany the Backing Track Album. There is so much depth to the 3-5 levels of groove you get with each track it makes perfect sense to release a video course to compliment it.

This will be released into the Bass Lab PLUS and is planned for January 2022.

What if I discover Epic Groove’s isn’t for me?

→ As with everything we do here at eBassGuitar you’re 100% covered by our “Burn Your Vintage Fender Guarantee”   …  After 30 Days, if you wouldn’t burn a $10,000 vintage Fender P-Bass to keep Epic Grooves for Bass Players backing track album, I’ll return every dollar you paid.

That’s the way we roll at eBassGuitar… At the end of the day, if you don’t want me to have your money, I don’t want to take it.

And you’ll also get our famous “Burn A Vintage Fender Guarantee”... After 30 Days, if you wouldn’t burn a $10,000 vintage Fender -bass to keep the Epic Grooves for Bass Players backing track album, I’ll return every dollar you paid! 

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Join over 48,243 who have experienced eBassGuitar bass Lessons!