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 The 6 Module Essential Walking Bass Course

Learn how to confidently create walking bass lines & take your complete understanding of the bass guitar to the next level... even if you have zero music theory or fingerboard knowledge.

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Want to learn how to create walking bass lines just like this and gain a complete understanding of the fingerboard? 

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Learning Walking Bass enables you to take every element of your bass playing to the next level and play bass lines like this...

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- Does Walking Bass leave you feeling completely confused?

- Do you understand all the music theory but don't know how to start applying it?

- Perhaps it feels like there are so many options you can't even work out what is good and what is bad?

Learning walking bass can all too often become super overwhelming.. and may just seem like a mountain your never going to climb.

That's exactly how I felt when I first started learning Walking Bass.

When I discovered you can break Walking Bass down into '4 Core Concepts'... that's when it all changed.

I knew there was a simple way to teach this stuff that would minimise confusion and show students how to create Walking Bass Lines like the greats. 

That's why I created The Essential Walking Bass Course


"Walking bass is now an obtainable goal"

The Essential Walking Bass Course is the best course so far.

After only the first three modules, the knowledge that is taught is better than I could have thought possible. Walking bass is now an obtainable goal. And as with all the courses, you pick up other skills as well, such as notes on the fret board and timing.

I look forward to the last three modules. I know they'll be great. Thanks James and keep up the great teaching.!!

Jeff Baker [California, USA]

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 Read on if any of the apply to you:

  • Are you an intermediate bass player who feels they have got the basics down and want to take their bass playing on to the next stage?.
  • A bassist who loves the great jazz walking bass players like Ray Brown, Ron Carter or Paul Chambers and want's to understand how to their create those amazing bass lines?
  • A bassist who has tried to learn walking bass before but just can't get your head around?
  • A bassist who has has learnt all the theory but just can't piece all of the concepts together?
  • A bassist who want to improve his or her fingerboard knowledge and understanding of music theory?
  • A bassist who wants to learn how Walking Bass is the back bone of all modern bass guitar playing and discover how learning this style of music will take your rock, funk, pop, country, disco bass playing to another level?

If you answer yes to any of those questions... read on!

The Essential Walking Bass Course is a 6 module online course that teaches you the foundation of playing great Walking Bass..

Each week builds on the last and gives step-by-step tuition piecing together the '4 Core Walking Bass'

We start right at the beginning and move slowly and methodically through all the basics you need to know. (You won't get left behind!)

Don't worry... You only need a really basic understand of music theory to take this

In a few weeks' time, you will have all the core concepts under your belt you will need for the rest of your bass playing career.

The goal of this course is to give all the skills and understanding to perform a jazz blues confidently at your local jazz jam session in less that 6 weeks... pretty cool eh?

Course Overview - Find Out What You Can Learn In Less Than 6 Weeks!

By the end of the 6 week Essential Walking Bass Course you will:
  • Be able to confidently improvise a walking bass line and over the most important 'jazz chord structure' all bass players need to know AND perform it at a Jam Session.
  • Understand how to create walking bass lines using '4 Core Walking Bass Line Builders' - chromatics, chord tones, intervals and scales.
  • Demystify the myriad of choices and discover which concepts & techniques sounds best
  • Learn how much of walking bass is created 'in the moment' and how much is planned.
  • Find out how to develop consistent timing whilst thinking what notes to play next
  • Improve your fingerboard knowledge by learning how to playing how to playing walking bass lines over the whole neck
How to play walking bass
Workshop Outline

Module One

The Octave Booster

Module Two

The Interval Expander

Module Three

The Chromatic Approach Method

Module Four

The Chord Tone Formula

Module Five

The Scale Simplfier

Module Six

The Jam Session Builder

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What students say about eBassGuitar courses:

"Logical & Well Prepared"

"Just a short note of praise for the rookie bass blues intensive course from

This course really helped me achieve a greater awareness for how to play bass on many different styles and types of blues progressions.

James lays it all out in a logical, well-prepared format that can help even an experienced player to play blues progressions more efficiently and with more variety.

Don't think twice, get on board!"

Paul Budd (USA).

"These courses leave you wanting MORE...and MORE...."

"The RBBI course, is a very well thought out course. It doesn't blister out of the gates and leave the beginners in the dust. In fact, I found that even though I had some experience in the 12 bar blues, I learned things right away that I had no idea about. The fingering and explanations are always easy to grasp, the "less is more" approach totally eases your mind when you think you're gonna be in over your head.

I HIGHLY recommend these courses - for beginners to intermediates for sure.....these courses leave you wanting MORE...and MORE....

Keep Jammin James! - Thanks, pal!!"

Scott Primo (Canada)

Walking Bass Course

 What You Get 

When you purchase the Essential Walking Bass Course you will receive:

  • Over 32 Laser focused, step by step video tutorials divided into 6 simple modules
  • Custom made backing tracks at a variety of tempos
  • Downloadable, PDF sheet music & tab
  • Support from the eBassGuitar community in The Bass Lab Facebook Group
  • And much, much more...

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

In the unlikely situation you find the Absolute Beginners Bass Course is not for you, just email me, within 30 days and you'll received a no questions asked refund... that's how we roll at eBassGuitar :-)

"Without any fear of making a fool of myself"

"The RBBI course has given me the knowledge and confidence that is necessary to lick out using the pentatonic scale over a dominant seventh chord. Now, I can play at the Tuesday night blues jam at the Bucket of Blood without any fear of making a fool of myself".

Rusty Lee (USA)
Bass Guitar Lessons USA

"Explanations were clear and easy to follow"

I approached this series as someone who has played blues both as a drummer for 40+ years and as a relatively new bassist. I was familiar with the basic patterns but clearly lacking in technique and knowledge of how to use patterns and make a good flow – like those true Blues Master do.

As with all of James’ materials, the lessons were well laid-out and thoughtful. Explanations were clear and easy to follow, even for someone as dense as me! The tab sheets and backing tracks made it easy to continue work on the lessons and hone my skills.

I believe this series will give anyone a clearer insight as to how to develop their blues-playing skills and be competent at playing – whether it be for developing new and interesting bass lines, or just jamming with friends.

Thanks James!

Steve Micklin (USA)
Bass Lessons Chile

"Thanks to the RBBI now I feel comfortable and confident"

“This course has taken my playing to another level. Thanks to the RBBI now I feel comfortable and confident when playing or improvising on any Blues based melody. James has an amazing, fun and effective way of teaching; and both videos and exercises really help you to reach your goal. Thanks James!!!”

Victor Potesta (Peru)


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