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James Eager

Hi, I'm James Eager. Welcome to an online bass guitar lessons program with a difference. One that's designed especially for beginner to intermediate bass players... & you get my personal help.

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The Courses Inside The Bass Lab PLUS Training Program:

eBassGuitar The Rookie Blues Bass Intensive Box Shot

The Rookie Blues Bass Intensive

6 Modules | 24 Lessons

Learn the most important blues concepts all bass players need to know... and rock out at a jam session in less than 6 weeks.

Walking Bass For Beginners

The Essential Walking Bass Course

6 Modules | 28 Lessons

Learn how to confidently create walking bass lines & take your complete understanding of the bass guitar to the next level... even if you have zero music theory or fingerboard knowledge.

Motown Bass Guitar Lessons

The Rock, Pop & Motown Bass Line Creation Course

6 Modules | 32 Lessons

Learn how to create & construct your own Rock, Pop & Motown bass lines... even if you don't know how to improvise  - in less than 6 weeks!

eBassGuitar The Riff Masters Bass Course Box Shot Small

The Riff Masters Bass Course

15 Lessons

The simple no nonsense guide to creating, improvising & jamming amazing riffs on the bass guitar... from beginner to advanced.

bass guitar beginners course

Absolute Beginners Bass Course

6 Modules | 26 Lessons

Learn the most important fundamentals all beginner bass players need to know... and perform one of the worlds greatest rock songs in less than 6 weeks!

Bass Guitar Technique Course

The Essential Technique Course

16 Lessons

Discover the secrets of playing fast, having great timing with amazing tone and whilst learning to play properly, all the time reducing the chances of nasty injuries.

30 Day Killer Rock Bass Action Plan

The 30 Day Killer Rock Bass Action Plan

30 Step By Step Lessons

Learn how to become a better rock bass player in less that 30 days... even if you've only got 10 minutes per day to practise.

30 Day Killer Technique Action Plan - eBassGuitar

The 30 Killer Technique Action Plan

6 Modules

Want to supercharge your finger speed? Take this 30 day action plan and learn how to take your take your technique from beginner to professional

The Bass Vault

The Bass Vault

Over 500 Charts

OPTIONAL EXTRA: Get over 500 of James' personal bass charts, chord sheets, full transcriptions from well over 15 years and discover how the unique resource can allow you to learn hundreds of songs fast!

Who Is James Eager & What Is The Bass Lab PLUS?

eBassGuitar James Eager Bass Guitar Double Bass

About James Eager

Hey, my name is James Eager...

I'm a bass player, double bassist and educator from London.

I don't know about you... but after 15 years as pro bassist the number one thing I've discovered is I love creating, understanding and jamming bass lines.

Now I'm not talking the crazy stuff full of pyrotechnics and bass wizardry that only the top 2% of the world's bassists could even begin to attempt.

... I'm talking about the bass lines which make your favourite songs sound great.

Those world famous songs with Paul McCartney, James Jamerson & Marcus Miller are what make my world go round.

There's something beautiful and inspiring about playing and creating bass lines that just feel good.

That's reason I fell in love the bass guitar.

Equally I love showing my students how to learn, understand and play their favourite bass lines and songs.

Constructing bass lines isn't hard but it can be if you don't have the right information.

It soon became evident back in 2016 when I published my first lesson on YouTube, that I the guy who could actually show my students "how to play a bass line".

Principally because I have some unique concepts and frameworks that help 'the penny drop'.

(To the best of my knowledge this stuff is available nowhere else on the internet)

I knew this was what made me different.

It was this concept which fuelled starting The Bass Lab PLUS Membership and the need to give students a focused, fluff free environment to improve in.

1000s of students later I'm proud to help beginner to intermediate develop into the musicians of their dreams and create, understand and jam the bass lines which made them want to pick up the bass in the first place.

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How The Bass Lab PLUS Program Works

James Eager Bass

Direct Access & Mentoring From James

This is the one place where you can get direct access to James to mentor you, in a private, supportive and fun coaching environment.

One lines Bass Guitar Courses

Unlimited Access To All EBG Step By Step Bass Courses

The Bass Lab PLUS is where I put all my step by step courses. Over 20 years of knowledge & experience and this is an ever growing killer resource that allows you to log in and learn at your own pace.

Bass Guitar masterclass

Monthly Live Masterclasses With James & Guest Musicians

Every month the The Bass Lab PLUS community get together for a live, interactive monthly masterclass. Here you can ask questions in real time and learn from world class guest musicians.

BLP members

Member Only Backing Tracks & Resources

Every month we release member only resources and custom made backing tracks in the Bass Lab PLUS membership. These a completely unique and note available anywhere else on the internet.

Online Bass Lessons

Learn with other passionate bass players, just like you...

Group study and being around other like minded bassists is an extremely effective way to improve your bass playing.  When you join the BLP you get hang out, chat, swap ideas with bassists all over the world in the members only coaching group.

This is just like going to music school... only you don't have to leave your front room.

Skype Bass Guitar lessons

One To One Skype Lessons With James & eBassGuitar Coaches

Want to make it personal? Skype lessons from James and the eBassGuitar Coaches. This level of support is strictly limited to the most dedicated bass players and as a result priority is given to Bass Lab Plus Members.

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What Student's Say About The Bass Lab PLUS...

Rex ‘T REX’ Davis [USA]

James I absolutely could not be where I am with out you and the Bass Lab community!

I was having horrific trouble sorting out my learning curve. I was almost ready to; I don’t know what!?! Then I saw Your course James! Breaking it down, each section. Well first I just got in a little. Wow! Better. I signed up for Bass Plus and haven’t looked back.


Rex Davis

I'm much more confident. My fingers are faster. I'm playing better bass!

James is very easy to listen to, and the way he breaks things down is a God send. I trust him. I'm much more confident. I see patterns in my mind. My fingers are faster. I'm playing better bass. JOIN NOW!!! YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

Frank Edwards [Dover, UK]

James gets straight to the point and gets you playing in minutes... 

I was looking for guidance and tuition I could use immediately, to get me up and running in the shortest time possible.

The lessons are short, well delivered and thoroughly practical. James gets straight to the point and gets you playing in minutes.

Everything you need to play bass is in the membership. Courses, tutorials, backing tracks, PDF sheets - the lot

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