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Who Is James Eager?

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About James Eager

I've been a professional musician for more than 15 years with a career that has taken me all over the world. However I started out very differently. Back in the 90s, I dreamed of having online courses … the internet was barely at dial up speed and the tradition roads were my only option.

Having spent four years studying jazz and classical bass at Trinity College of Music in London and playing in everything from rock bands to symphony orchestras...I gained some unique concepts.

From there I've gone on to have a full time professional career as a bass player and educator on both the electric bass and double bass

Not so long ago I decided to share some of the amazing information I've gathered over the past decade… both from my professional career and the amazing teachers I was privileged to study with. These ideas you won't get anywhere else. They are a fusion of both instruments, all the different styles of music I've performed and 1000s of pro gigs.

Hence eBassGuitar.com was born!

Here you won’t get jazz fusion licks that only the top 5% of bass players will even get close to… instead, you’ll learn the skills all 'real world' bass players need to become gig ready, employable musicians.

If you are a beginner please start by reading our Bass Guitar For Beginners: A No B.S. Guide

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Thanx James…I am feeling more and more like a Bass Player…you slow things down for me and Really help me understand what’s going on with this wonderful instrument !!! My band mates have said I am light years ahead of where I was just a few short months ago!!



Ohio, USA


It's well Worth The Money and it's well worth the time.


Mike Shoback

Indiana , USA


Always improving and reaching new levels

Mike Shoback

Indiana , USA



James has a real knack of making things VERY clear.

Simon Dabbs


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