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FREE DVD: 'The Jazz Jam Survival Guide'

This powerful 60 minute DVD guides you through how Jazz bass guitar works so you can wow your family, friends & band buddies and perform live at a Jazz jam session...

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The Jazz Jam Survival Guide is designed to introduce you and get you playing the most important bass lines, songs, feels and grooves you can expect to find in Jazz music and at a jazz jam session.

This over two decades of knowledge that's broken down into 3 straight forward modules.

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Here's what students are saying about eBassGuitar

"It was a super easy value proposition for me!"

- Jane (USA)

"James has a wide range of ability to show complex things in a simple way"

- Drazen D.

" James is just a great tutor. He explains things spot on. He doesn't show off."

- Kev P.



" You don't take anything for granted. You teach people how to play the right way and help to get rid of bad habits from the beginning. You are available to your students, and we don't need to pay a fee to email or talk to you. That is huge."

Jeff Schommer

" I had been following a few other online instructors and it became infirmation overload! Your videos have broken down the lessons into bite size chunks. This makes the learning curve a lot easier to handle... Your videos are just the right length of time and I don't feel overwhelmed by the pace you have set for your lessons. I have developed a lot more confidence in my playing ability..."

- Joe

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When you get your free DVD you'll discover:

●The '3M System For Walking Bass' so you can learn how to create bass lines and make it sound like you're jamming & improvising 100% in the moment... injecting feel and passion into every note you play.

●Learn the 3 most common Jazz Chord structures so you can turn up and instantly play at a Jazz Jam session anywhere in the world and have confidence in knowing exactly what to play.

●The 3 Fundamental Grooves so you understand how to create bass lines in all important styles of music from Rock to Funk, Bossa Nova to Samba music...and wow your band mates by improving every style of music you play.

●How to simplify Jazz music and the crucial elements to listen out for when performing at Jazz Jam Session so the rest of the band feels really comfortable and confident in your bass skills

●The skills legends like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten and Pino Palladino use to world class bass lines day out - you can discover the core concepts that always mean their bass lines grab attention.
●And so much more....


This DVD is 100% free. All I ask is that you cover the shipping and handling. This is usually $6.99 to virtually every country in the world.

Inside the DVD you're going to be getting the finest bass education based upon over 20 years of experience as a full time working pro here in the UK.

I'm also going to include a completely FREE 14 day trial to my Bass Lab PLUS Program so you can start the DVD digitally inside the membership and experience the rest of our top educational programs. After the 14 days the Bass Lab PLUS will be just $27 per month. You can cancel anytime even within the 14 day trial.

To recap you're getting my Jazz Jam Survival Guide completely free and all you have to pay right now is $6.99 to cover the shipping and handling to virtually every country in the world.

You're getting over 60 minutes of top bass instruction that will show you exactly what to expect at Jazz Jam session. It's just having me sitting next to you at a Jazz Jam session and pointing out exactly what you need to know... except you can watch the DVD over and over again!

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Grab your copy of the DVD, and if after watching the DVD you don't see an improvement in your bass playing just let us know and we'll refund every penny including the shipping. You are 100% covered by the eBassGuitar Student Satisfaction Guarantee.

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