3 Bluesy Blues Bass Riffs You Need To Know – YT182

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Hey, James here…

I’m excited…

Oh yes… I’m definitely most excited.


Because this week we’re going to be launching our long awaited 90 Day Blues Accelerator Challenge...

… and I’ve been deep into putting the finishing touches together to finish the program.

It’s made me realise how simple tweaks to simple bass lines can REALLY create that ‘blues sound’.

So in this week I’m gonna take you through 3 foundational Blues Bass formulas and show you how to apply these tweaks.

Make sure you let me know in the comments who your Blues bass guitar player is… I’d love to find out

The simple concepts I’m sharing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to straightforward ideas you can apply to play GREAT Blues Bass… 

Have some serious fun with them 😉

Keep groovin’ hard,


P.P.S Don’t forget... this week we’re launching our brand new ‘Blues Bass Accelerator’. 

If you’d like to work with me and the eBassGuitar team to learn all the most foundational Blues Bass concepts and develop the skills to play at Blues Jam Session make sure you check out this link

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