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eBassGuitar is the number one bass education resource on the web dedicated to help rookie and aspiring bass players become better musicians.

Started by James Eager in 2016, eBassGuitar's number one job is help you become a gig ready, confident bassist. Regardless of whether your just starting out or a seasoned player wanting to revisit and build on basics - there’s something for you.

It doesn’t matter if you want to play The Beatles or Bach, Mozart or Motorhead - The foundations of playing great bass are universal. Here you’ll learn the skills all bass players need to have - from finger speed & dexterity, to how to create your own killer baselines, applying music theory in the real world to slapping like a pro.

Lessons are bite sized, clear and actionable. If you want to take things to the next level you can enrol on an eBassGuitar program and get step by step instruction to push your bass playing forward.

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Meet James

Hey Groove Masters!

I have been a professional bass guitar and double bass player for well over the past ten years. I have been fortunate that my vocation has found me in many exciting situations from recording at Abbey Road Studios to performing at Wembley Arena in London and on West End & Touring Theatres shows such as We Will Rock You, The Lion King, Spamalot & Dirty Dancing.

Thousands of gigs laters and I love sharing the experience i've picked up from being at the coal face. Nothing I teach is academic or theoretical - it’s the stuff that I use on a day to day basis to earn a living playing the bass - and you can too.

My experience spans rocks bands to symphony orchestras, theatre shows to functions, big bands to jazz clubs and I’m proud to approach each one with love it deserves.

I never know quite how to describe myself musically. I think the most accurate way to put it is… I’m a ‘commercial musician‘. That’s not to say everything I do is commercial, but I get the biggest kick out of doing exactly what you’d expect a bass player to do at the bottom end of a band. Helping bassists like you to do just that is exactly what I teach at eBassGuitar.com

As always...keep groovin' hard

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James Eager Bass Guitar Tutor and Mentor

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ebassguitar - The Bass Lab Community
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eBassGuitar Bass Guitar Course Student Chile
ebassguitar - The Bass Lab Community
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ebassguitar - The Bass Lab Community
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