3 Plug-And-Play Walking Bass Formulas For Any Style of Music YT195

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Hey, James here…

I make no secret I’m a HUGE walking bass fan.

However, I know walking bass and the closely associated world of Jazz isn’t for everyone.

Here’s the thing: learning Walking Bass gives you the knowledge to be able to create bass lines in any style of music.

And I want to show you how!

In this week’s lesson I’m going to show you how to take 3 classic walking bass techniques and create bass lines across a super cool ‘folk-rock’ groove.

The concepts here can be applied to any style - rock, funk, country, blues, soul, blues-grass… the list goes on and on!

Also, I’ve got a cheeky question I want to ask you about a minute into the video… make sure you let me know your answer in the comments below.

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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