3 Sexy Funk Bass Fills – YT205

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Hey, James here…

So one of the biggest challenges I see many students face is they are “stuck in just one or two areas of the fretboard”

I’ve been there too.

However there’s a whole fretboard out there to explore.

By far the most effective way I’ve found of teaching the fretboard is to split it into ‘3 Registers” or areas.

To show you this concept in action I’ve devised 3 VERY sexy funk bass fills.

The kind which make your band buddies turn around give you that ‘knowing look’.

Each fill uses a different register of the fretboard.

This lesson is a lot of fun… especially if you’re anything like me and LOVE a good funk jam!

ALSO… I’m messing around with a new bass guitar set up… I’d love to get your feedback on the tone… let me know in the comments below!

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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