4 Bass Guitar Drills You Should Do Each Day – YT144

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Hey, James here…

One of the things bass players ask me time and time again is what do you practice?

… and that’s a tough question because certainly before the lockdown it was always changing.

That’s because I was always moving from gig to gig which would require me to work on different things to stay ‘match fit’.

However there were a few ‘drills’ that I’d work on at the start of any practice session… or indeed if I was warming up for a gig.

… and I think they’re perfect for you too.

You’ll find they will help ‘centre’ you and develop each hand, and skills such as position shifting and string cross.

What’s more… practice these consistently over a few weeks and you'll see considerable improvement.

Once you’ve watched the lesson I’d love it if you could comment below the video and let me know what your favourite bass guitar drill or warm up is? Let me know in the comments!

Keep groovin’ hard,


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