5 Ways To Supercharge Your Bass Tone… Without Spending A Penny Extra – YT138

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Hey, James here…

Back in the year 2000… I had a pretty substantial rack (!).

It was heavy and It took two people to carry it.

You guessed it, I was well and truly on the eternal quest to improve my bass tone.

Inside the rack was a Gallien Kruger 800RB, a Joe Meek Compressor, an Alesis Midiverb effects processor, a Korg tuner… 

...and for some unknown reason a Behringer 4 Channel Headphone Amp. (I think that was to fill a gap in the 8 units!)

Let’s not even talk about the Harkte 410 and Carlsbro Delta 15” Cab.

(My poor car’s suspension).

Looking back it sounded good…

But 15 years later my rig is about a quarter of the size and more important for my back ... weight.

Principally because I realised carrying all that gear around (especially the rack) wasn’t the key to getting a GREAT bass tone.

It lay elsewhere…

So in this lesson I want to show you 5 Ways to supercharge your bass tone ..without spending a penny extra on equipment.  

What’s your number one tone tip? Let me know in the comments below.

Keep groovin’ hard,


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