7 Gig Bag Essentials All Bass Players Need (Plus 7 Secret Pro Tips) – YT152

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Hey, James here…

In the bass world there’s a lot of talk about bass guitars (naturally)...

There’s a lot of talk about amps…

But not so much about the gadgets or ‘essentials’ which make everything work.

Here’s the thing…

Regardless of whether you're playing at your local church or in Madison Square Garden there are certain equipment all bassists need to have in their gig bags.

If it’s missing there’s a good chance you could get into hot water.

And it’s embarrassing… (I’ve been there a bunch of times over the years)

In this lesson I’m going to share 7 Gig Bag Essentials All Bass Players need…

PLUS 7 Secret ‘Pro Tips’.

These are those extra pieces of equipment that have made life as pro bassist for the past 15 years significantly easier… some of these I’ve definitely learned the hard way ;-

Also, make sure you let know what your ‘gig bag’ essential is in the comments below the video - I’d love to find out!

Keep groovin’ hard,


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