A Very Sexy Funk Bass Speed Hack – YT184

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Hey, James here…

So this week I thought I’d try a new style of video.

I call this the ‘relaxed eyebrow coffee vibe’.

It’s where I fuse my Roland Go Mixer Pro, a sexy bass idea and my strong morning coffee (of course in an eBassGuitar eyebrow mug)... and make you guys a lesson.

I’d love to know what you reckon to the ‘relaxed eyebrow coffee vibe’ - let me know in the comments below.

Anyway down to business…

This week's lesson is all about a simple hack you can use to infuse the ‘speed’ into your bass playing.

We’re gonna use a simple funk bass riff inspired by the likes of Jaco, Rocco Prestia (from Tower of Power) and the fantastic Paul Turner (from Jamiroquai).

This lesson shows how the secret to ‘speed’ often sits in a more unusual place.

Also… make sure you let me know who your favorite funk bass player is in the comments below.

Keep groovin’ hard,


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