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THE Blues Bass Breakthrough SYSTEM

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30 Days 100% Money Back Guaranteed

Transform Your Blues Bass Playing In Just 15 Minutes Of Practice Per Day.

Are you ready to hit a breakthrough with your Blues Bass playing?

The Blues Bass Breakthrough System is EVERYTHING you need to master the core skills and progressions to confidently jam in any key, and create bass lines inspired by legendary blues artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, The Blues Brothers, Joe Bonamassa, Chuck Berry & Albert King

Having taught thousands of bassists from around the world I discovered a key thing missing in most blues bass “instructional” books and courses… 

...you get the foundations of what and how to play, but it misses everything else that makes you a better blues bass player and better musician.

Things like finger speed, fretboard knowledge and ability to train your musical ear to hear and more importantly play killer bass lines!

That’s why I created the Blue Bass Breakthrough System! 

This is NOT your average blues bass book but a whole system that will set you up for total blues bass success.

this system includes...

  • Essential Guide to Blue Bass Book (Physical book) - 80 pages of step by step Blues Bass Instruction
  • 6 Week Blues “Jam Buster” Blueprint - A 6-week road map to implement what you learn in the book.
  • The Best Of Blues Audio Examples - Professionally recorded blues audio tracks and backing tracks so you know exactly what to aim for. 

And… to increase your chance of success you also get these exclusive bonuses when you sign up today:

  • The Blues Bass Theory Booster - A crash course in the simple theory needed to master blues bass which is anything but boring and academic.

  • The 30 Day Practice Machine - A simple tool that ensures you pick up the bass every single day... and never want to put it down

  • Finger Speed Freedom Workout - A set of drills chosen to ensure you always have the speed, dexterity and accuracy to play incredible blues bass lines

  • The Magic Fretboard Expander - A 5 step process to so you play using the whole fretboard naming every note as you go

  • The Ear Training Activator - A simple guide on how to effortless learn to hear chord changes on the fly so you confidently rock up to a Blues Jam session

  • The Tone Creator Guide - How to create the perfect blues bass tone without spend thousands on unnecessary equipment. 

This program is ideal for:

  • Those of beginner to intermediate level on the bass looking to breakthrough their current skill level
  • Those who want to create killer blues bass lines
  • Those looking to confidently jam in any key
  • Those interested in how the great blue bassist crafted their infamous bass lines.
  • Those looking to understand bass line creation and music theory

Our Promise: Better Bass Playing Or 100% Of Your Money Back

The blues bass breakthrough has been refined over years of teaching thousands of students from around the world. We’re so confident in, that we give you 30 days to try out our process, absorb all the content and if you don’t feel your blues bass playing improve we’ll give you your money back.

What are people saying about the Blues Bass Breakthrough:

$19.99 Sale


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this book for?

This book is designed for any bass player interested in learning more about The Blues and how to play it but also any bassist who is keen ‘to get out there’ and start performing or jamming live with other musicians. Blues is the perfect getaway from the practice room to the stage!

The theory contained in this book, along with every new concept, is carefully explained. So beginner and intermediate players alike will benefit.

By the end of the book you’ll have all the skills in place to play and create your own Blues bass lines be that at home, in a band, or at a jam night. You will also learn about the most important forms of Blues that are out there.

Is there a Physical Book?


This book is available in Ebook and in Printed or Physical Book.

If you order the physical book it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Why Learn Blues Bass?

Blues is the foundation for almost all other styles of popular music.

Therefore when you learn the theory and techniques needed to play Blues bass, you in turn learn what you need to play bass in many other styles of music and build your general musicianship.


100% Money Back Guarantee

You are covered by 30 days 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

Grab your copy of the book today, and if after implementing the 6 Stage Blues Bass System you don't see an improvement in your Blues Bass just lets us know and we'll buy the book back from you!

$19.99 Sale