How To Learn A Song Quickly On The Bass Guitar

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Click Here to Download the FREE Resources From This Lesson Hey Groove Masters - let's talk about how to learn a song quickly on the bass guitar.James here...It all started coming into focus. After 8 long hours we were coming in to land…Being a musician is one of those things I’ll always be grateful for. Every so often it enables ...

jazz standard bass guitar

How To Play Jazz Standards On The Bass Guitar

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Click Here To Download The FREE Resources from this lesson Hey Groove Masters - it's time to talk about how to play jazz standards on the bass guitar! Learning to play jazz can be one of the keys to unlocking the bass guitar once and for all for many players. It’s a massively exciting form of music with huge amounts of ...

How To Create Your Own Bass Lines In Less Than 5 Minutes

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Click Here to Download the FREE Resources for this Lesson Hey Groove Masters!Yesterday I uploaded a short video lesson to Facebook sharing a technique I call the '4 Note Bass Line Creator'.It's a dead simple idea that you can use to create you own bass lines... and fast. Normally in less than 5 minutes. Perfect for anyone who feels a ...