Effective Funk Bass Formula – YT168

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Hey, James here…

About a year or so ago a student sent me a video of himself playing that awesome bass line ‘Play That Funky Music’

Let’s call him Kev.

In fact Kev is his real name.

Kev sounded awesome. 

Great groove, great time and great sound.

But after a minute or so I spotted he was playing exactly the same thing every single time.

Nothing wrong with that… but I could hear the bass line was crying out for those subtle little variations.

Those little nuances which just elevate the groove and add that extra level of excitement.

Kev isn’t alone. Many bass players get stuck playing the same thing round and round.

In this week's lesson I want to show you a device I call the Effective Funk Bass Formula.

It’s based around a concept I call ‘Hook - Body - Link’.

It’s a straightforward way of constructing grooves which gives you a formula to add variation and nuance… just like the pros

Also, make sure you let me know what your favourite funk bass line is or who your favourite funk bassist is in the comment 😉

Keep groovin’ hard,


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