How to start mastering the fretboard so you can use every fret on the bass guitar

FREE Cheat Sheet reveals the simple steps so you can finally learn the bass guitar fretboard without getting lost or frustrated.

What You’re Going To Get In The Magic Fretboard Expander Cheat Sheet

  • This Simple 5 Step process will ‘open up’ the whole of the bass guitar fretboard so you know how to play your favorite bass lines anywhere on the fingerboard.
  • This process requires no previous knowledge of music theory and will enable you to name every single note on the bass guitar fretboard without feeling confused and overwhelmed.
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  • Thoroughly tested in the trenches, I’ve developed this process through playing 1000s of gigs over the last 20 years and coaching over 10,000 bass players at every level of skill, success and experience… So no matter if you’re just starting out or have been playing bass for decades, this will help you understand the bass guitar fretboard.
  • Each step of the process is optimized to reduce the time it takes to learn the fretboard so ultimately you’ll play the songs and bass lines you love better and maximize your enjoyment of the bass guitar.