How To Create Top Professional Bass Lines & Fills With Ian King – Real World Bass Heroes Ep. 1

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Hey, James here…

So it's time for something completely different…

In fact the start of a brand new project called:

“Real World Bass Heroes”

This is an interview series which shares the stories of the extraordinary bassists that are the backbone of our business.

Some of the guys I’m talking to you will have heard of… others you’re less likely to have come across.

But… the one thing that unites them is they have decades of knowledge to share… and play phenomenal bass guitar.

To kick things off I’m talking to an old mate of mine called Ian King.

Ian has worked solidly for the past 15 years and a first call bass player in London’s West End.

He’s played on everything from Hairspray to Sister Act, Shrek to Book of Mormon… and most recently has pinned down the bass chair in acclaimed hip hop show ‘Hamilton’ and the Arena Tour of Jesus Christ Superstar, which was heavily featured on YouTube at the start of lockdown.

In this interview you’re going to discover:

Ian’s approach to creating bass lines and the two simple scales he uses as basis for his fills.

What he does to prepare for a show… and you’ll even get to see him play a song from the Book of Mormon.

The equipment he uses to create his incredible bass sound.

This is a long form interview where we dig deep and share some invaluable advice… as always let us know if you like this new style of content and of course let me know if there any other ‘Real World Bass Heroes’ you’d like me to interview 🙂

Keep groovin’ hard,


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