How To Play Authentic Walking Blues Bass – YT190

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Hey, James here…

Over the last nearly 6 weeks I’ve been taking over 90 students through the very first eBassGuitar Blues Bass Accelerator.

Every time I log into the Facebook group I see students getting those ‘aha’ moments.

You can almost see the cogs turning and saying “this stuff isn’t that complicated after all”.

In today’s lesson I want to fuse two of my favourite bass styles - Blues & Walking Bass.

And show you how you can create a walking blues bass line using two straight-forward formulas I’ve created.

The first formula is inspired by Tommy Shannon (from Stevie Ray Vaughan’s band) and the second is inspired by studying the legendary Donald ‘Duck’ Dunn.

When you ‘layer’ up these formulas you can create those Blues bass lines that sound like they are being improvised in the moment.

What’s more, play this on a Blues Jam Session and the chances are you’ll be asked back again 😉

Also… we’re literally just a stones throw from hitting 20,000 subscribers on YouTube… if you’re a fan of our channel make sure to subscribe and give it some love in the comments below… that will help us reach even more bass players.

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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