How To Slow Down A Tricky Bass Line

James Eager Bass Line Creation, Essential Technique Course

Hey Groove Masters,

In this new video I'm going to give you a demonstration of the one tool which I believe was game changer for my bass playing.

Yes, seriously, this made practicing and improving so much easier!

It's a very simple yet clever piece of software, click the video below and I'll walk you through some of the major features... and how to apply them to your bass playing.

In this video you'll discover:

  • How to slow a song or riff down so you can play it (and then speed it up)
  • How to practise a song in different keys & how to retune a piece of music which wasn't recorded at the standard A440 pitch.
  • How to create loop points so your not constantly rewinding and fast forwarding.
  • One simple 'hack' to help make hearing indistinct basslines a breeze.

Do hit reply and let me know if this is helpful...


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