Learn the 3M System for Walking Bass…. In Less Than 6 Minutes

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Hey, James here…

So I’m 4 days in to the biggest move of my life…

On Tuesday Vicky, Oliver (my better half and 2 year old son) upped sticks and moved a couple of hours away to a beautiful part of the UK.

Like any move we’re still knee deep in boxes.

We’re in that stage of figuring things and getting everything to work in our new pad.
This morning I finally found my beloved Aeropress coffee maker… and all is becoming good in the world.

Thinking about it last night what we’re doing is putting our new systems together.

A new system can be challenging but ultimately the rewards can be great.

It made me think back to the system I created to help beginner to intermediate bassists learn ‘Walking Bass’.

So many guys feel this technique is ‘out of sight’.

But the reality that’s just not the case.

All you need is a simple system to learn it.

That’s why I created The 3M System for Walking Bass.

This is another lesson we originally recorded for Facebook a couple of months back… which will start ‘lifting the curtain’ to this powerful system.

Back to unpacking the boxes and setting up my studio.



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