Reggae Bass – 5 Bob Marley Bass Lines YT165

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Hey, James here…

So there’s one genre of music I get asked to cover quite a bit…

… and that’s reggae bass!

So for this week’s lesson I thought I’d take apart 5 of Bob Marley's legendary songs to get the ball moving.

Here’s the thing: Aston Barrett (The Wailers Bassist) is a beast. 

Great groove, incredible feel and a master of jammin’ (see what I did) in this genre… and often never plays the same bar twice which can make it tricky knowing where to start.

So in this lesson I’ve broken each song down into a simple ‘core’ bass line… which will make understanding what he’s up to far simpler!

Of course, let me know in the comments what your favourite reggae bass line is - I’d love to find out!

Keep groovin’ hard,


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