YT042 – How To Play I Feel Love On The Bass Guitar Played By Flea

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Hey Groove Masters,


James here…

Do you want to discover how the pros really fly around the bass?

If so… check this out:

You’ll know, here at eBassGuitar we’re all about using simple systems or frameworks to develop our bass playing.

I’m a massive believer of the fact that if you break things down into small digestible chunks it’s possible to make progress faster than ever.

Also… you can do this using real world bass lines too.

Thankfully…the days of dry, boring exercises are long gone 😉

In this next lesson I’m going to show you how to jumpstart your finger speed, using a disco classic… that one of the greatest rock bands in history cover on their live gigs.

In this lesson you will discover:

  • Why disco music is awesome for us bass players
  • The crucial fingering you need to know to play superfast ‘disco doubles’
  • The process to gain lightning fast finger speed

As always, keep groovin' hard.



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