YT068 – The One Thing That Jump-Started My Practice Routine

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Hey Groove Masters,

James here. Let's talk about the one thing that jump-started my practice routine. 

I love listening.

Those of you have been following eBassGuitar for a while will know I love asking questions. 

It’s the best way I can listen and respond to what you guys need.

I’ve seen a theme coming up time and time again… and that is:

How do I get the most out of my practice routine?

Yes! Practicing is hard.

I had years of picking up the bass, noodling for 10 minutes, then putting it back in the case just as fast as it came out.

Frustrating right?

In today’s lesson I want to share the one thing that I believe made all the difference and got me on the road to making progress every time I picked up the bass.

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