Sweet Child O’ Mine – 4 Killer Rock Bass Fills (YT073)

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Hey, James here…

I love ROCK bass…

Getting a pick out and ‘digging in’ is one of my favourite things in the world.

In today’s lesson I want to show you how much ‘good stuff’ is often lurking beneath the hood of some of the great rock songs out there.

The reality is some of these bass parts can easily get overlooked and don’t always get the credit they deserve.

(must be those finger melting guitar solos stealing the limelight!)

Today I want to share 4 killer rock bass fills from the legendary Guns N’ Roses song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’.

This creativity and unorthodox choices of this bass line always blows me away.

Musical curve balls all over the place!

Each of these fills is a gem in its own right.

There’s also a PDF workbook that comes with the lesson giving standard notation and tab - make sure you don’t miss the download 🙂

As always, keep groovin’ hard


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