How To Play Bass Guitar WITHOUT A Drummer (YT078)

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Hey, James here…

Us bass players are super important.

(... maybe the most important member of the band)

Well, I may be a little biased… but hang in there.

Typically, a band has a rhythm section.

In its most simple form the rhythm section consists of the bass player and the drummer coming together to create the foundation for the rest of the band.

The rhythm section is there to provide the foundation of the groove and make the musicians above feel they perform to their best.

But what happens if you take away the drums?

This lesson is all about what to do if you (the bass player) become the whole rhythm section.

This has happened to me many, many times over the years...

There are some really important skills in this lesson.

Get these down and when you get the drummer back… you’ll be an ever better bass player 😉

Keep groovin’ hard,


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