How To Play Slap Bass In A Band (YT095)

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In this easy to learn slap guitar lesson, I'll show you how to slap bass in a band. I'll also help you in slapping in any key on the fingerboard with effectively and with ease.

Slapping is a playing style combining the distinct sound created by plucking and releasing the string to make it bounce off the fingerboard, and a percussive sound that can be made by smacking your finger (or fingers) on the right hand in between the notes of a bassline.

Slapping is a great way to add more groove or funk when playing. While it is a fun way to play, it can be a little challenging to incorporate this style when you're in a band. You see, there's a big difference between ‘Slap Bass for the Music Store’ and ‘Slap Bass For Gigs’ and I'm here to help you learn the latter.

I'll be teaching you basic exercises so you can get sound accuracy when slapping with your thumb and also with the snap back. We’ll also do a play along with “Never Too Much” by Luther Vandross, which in my opinion is a great example of slap bass in a band scenario.  

I'll also discuss the important parts when executing the slap technique so you can start right and play right.

Here are some example exercises that you can practice with so you can build up your sound accuracy along with the slap feel familiarity. If you’re new at this, you’ll want to start slow and slowly build up to the proper tempo when you can hit the slaps perfectly:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Lesson Wrap Up

So that concludes the first part of our Slap mini-series for now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the lesson and please stay tuned for the upcoming videos for this slap mini-series. We’ll be delving deeper into this subject over the next few weeks. I’m sure that this is a subject a lot of you find to be very interesting.

Learning the feel and the sound of slapping will allow you to add more flavor and groove when playing. Take your time doing the exercises to help improve your skills and develop your sound as you play along.

It could be frustrating at first but working on these concepts in a slow pace will allow you to see more substantial improvements to your playing in the long run.

For more ideas, you can also try and watch musicians like Marcus Miller, Flea, Alain Caron and Les Claypool to get more inspiration and further insight into slapping.

If you liked this lesson and wish to learn more, do make sure to check out the FREE 14-Day Trial of the Bass Lab PLUS membership.

Good luck and get stuck in!


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