YT228 – The One Pedal You Didn’t Know You Needed – Vidami Pedal Review

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Hey James here,

In bass playing, as with any skill in life; practice makes perfect.

It is very important then to maximise the time that you spend practicing. Being as effiicient with your practice will allow you to gain the most skill and learning within the shortest time possible.

There are a lot of ways to optimize practice time, and using technology is without a doubt one of the most convenient. With the right tools, you'll be able to improve your practice time almost in an instant.

In this video, I'll be showing you one of the tools that has transformed my practice time, the way I work on eBassGuitar content and as a professional bass player; the Vidami pedal. With this footswitch, you'll be able to control video playback, loop as well as slow down videos, without taking your hands off of the bass guitar!

Check out the link below to go straight to the Vidami website and get one for yourself:

Vidami Pedal

Use the EXCLUSIVE code to get 10% off:


Hope you find this video useful and maybe think of a couple of ways you could integrate the Vidami pedal into your own bass set-up.

See you in the next video!


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