YT237 – Simple Bass Riff That Any Old Bassist Can Play

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Hey, James here!

I think it's safe to say that we all have those days where we feel like we're too old learn something new.

If you ever feel that right now, well, guess what? Life is a constant cycle of learning no matter which stage of life you are in. So as long as you have the will and drive to learn something, put that energy to good use and get inspired! Life is short so make it worthwhile!

For today's lesson, I will teach you the SIMPLE bass riff that ANY old bassist can play, covering the concepts of box shape, pickup notes, and transposition. Because this bass riff is so simple and straightforward, any beginner bassist will find this exercise very helpful in their bass journey to improvement. Being a bass line inspired by Texas Blues, this riff, without a doubt, will sound FANTASTIC!

Hope you enjoy learning this riff. I'll see you on the next lesson!


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