A Very Sexy Bass Lick For 5 String Bass – YT218

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Hey, James here…

I’m just starting to wrap up for the festive season… and can’t wait to start the overindulgence for a few days.

Just before I do, I want to give you our final Youtube lesson for the year before I give my team and I a well deserved break. 

A few weeks back I created a video showing my first ever professional bass guitar. 

It was a 5 string and I’ve been asked countless times since to create more content for this great axe.

So here’s another very sexy lick for 5 string bass which showcases how to get the most out of that big fat ‘E String’.

If you don’t have a 5… never fear… this lesson will work just as well on 4 string bass on the low E.

Have a great festive season… and I’m really looking forward to helping you all push your bass playing forward in 2022!



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