Our BLP Legend for April, Michael Popp!

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It's that time of the month to Introduce you again to our Bass Lab Legend this April 2022, Michael Popp!

t’s time to Introduce you to this month’s Bass Lab Legend, Michael Popp!Michael is a BLP student that has really impressed me. His progress has been impressively fast and noticeable over the years.

He started playing bass guitar only 5 years ago. In this interview he will share with us how he initially got interested in bass guitar from playing a cello.

J: Hey I am super excited to welcome this month’s Bass Lab PLUS Legend, please welcome Michael Popp! How are you doing?

M: Hello I’m fine! Hi everybody.

J: Michael is from Germany and he has been a member of the BLP for a couple of years now and he has really impressed me. As you might guess from his t-shirt, the Iron Maiden one there that he is a bit of a rocker as he’s demonstrating there.

Michael has impressed me so much as he’s literally thrown himself into so many different styles and genres of music and really, really pushed himself. He’s got the results to show it too.

Can I ask, how long have you been playing the bass and how did it all start?

M: I’ve been playing the bass for about 5 years. The first years it was just jumping around from one YouTube video to another to play to tunes. I found my way to bass playing as a child. I was learning the recorder and a little bit of classical guitar. That stopped and in school I played the cello. We had the opportunity to learn classical instruments for free. I always like the lower registers. I played the cello for 40 years in a symphonic orchestra. I’m not a professional musician; far away from that, but they let me join the orchestra.

About 4 / 5 years ago, I was in Munich for a concert of Black Sabbath with my son. My brother is a good guitar player. He told me “ You play the cello, why not play the bass “, and that was the day I said I’ll buy a bass now.

J: So how long have you been a member of eBassGuitar.

M: I think it’s one and a half or two years.

J: What results have you seen since joining the Bass Lab PLUS.

M: I joined different online schools for the bass. What I especially liked here is it’s not too highly sophisticated for me. I can follow the lessons in small parts and in the end we put it together and it’s a complete song.

I like your style of teaching; it’s more like a friend than a teacher. I like this very much.

I was pushed to different genres; a little bit of jazz, a lot of blues. I joined the Blues Bass and Walking Bass Accelerators and it was very good for me to step out of the rock genre to work on other styles and I learned a lot from this.

J: How do you think learning other genres has benefitted your bass playing and you as a musician.

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