December’s BLP Legend, Duncan Smith!

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Our last BLP Legend for 2022 is Duncan Smith! I would say Duncan's story as a bass player is quite unique, as he also used to be a pro tuba player! In fact, Duncan played for the RAF band, which is one of the top bands in the UK! 

With his pro tuba experience behind him along with this new found love for the bass guitar, Duncan definitely has a lot of insights to share in terms of music theory, the technicalities of playing and the various nitty gritty of music. You'll definitely get a lot out of my conversation with him.

Congrats to Duncan for a very well deserved BLP Legend!

James: Hey Everybody! I’m super excited to welcome this month’s BLP Legend Duncan Smith. First of all, I want to blow Duncan’s trumpet or should I say tuba. Duncan’s a unique character as he’s an ex-professional tuba player who has worked with the RAF Central band here in the UK. For those of you who aren’t in the know, this is one of our top bands, so Duncan has played at the very highest level musically on the tuba. Over the recent years he’s decided to start playing the bass guitar.

So Duncan congratulations on being this month’s Bass Lab PLUS Legend.I’d love to ask you to begin with what took you from being a tuba player over to the world of bass guitar??

Duncan: Hi James, really great to join you today. Well I guess I’ve always been a bass player. I like being at the bottom of the band, the foundation, that nice root area. I’ve always admired some of the great bass players I’ve seen and worked with so I think that kind of exposure and then the sort of music that a lot of my friends were listening to opened my ears to the players like Jaco, and weather report being of of the main bands that a lot of guys were listening to.

I think really it’s the appeal was there because there was an opportunity to join a little five piece and I was asked “ Would you play bass guitar? Would you like to learn basic bass guitar to try and play in this five piece? “

So I’d go and I learned a few basic notes and that was enough to get me going. That’s where I started really.

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  1. Hi James,
    Thank you for this interesting interview. The only point is that, at least for me, the level of your microphone was a bit low.

  2. Great interview. Duncan has something in common with bassist Herbie Flowers who has played bass as a session musician on many popular rock albums. Herbie Flowers played tuba before picking up the bass.

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