British Bass Player Reacts: Come Together by The Beatles – YT200

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We had to remove the Beatles audio track or YouTube won't show the video entirely 🙁 We still hope you get some use out of James' insights on the song. Chapters and link to the song below.

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Hey, James here…

Can you believe this is THE 200th video we’ve published on YouTube… What a ride!

Last week we started a brand new series called ‘The Reacts & Analyses Series’ where I take apart some of the greatest songs and bass lines on the planet.

The feedback has been amazing… so this is definitely going to become a regular thang! 

I couldn’t get any further into this series without taking apart a bass line by one of my all time bass heroes… Paul McCartney.

It’s hard to pick one Beatles bass line but this is up there in my all time favourites and I believe McCartney at his best.

This week we’re going to take apart Come Together from the legendary Abbey Road Album.

Watch out… it’s got a couple of unexpected twists and turns 😉

Also, I’d love to know what other songs or bass lines you’d like to see me react and analyse… make sure you let me know in the comments below the video.

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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