Cissy Strut – The Ultimate Funk Bass Line For Beginners (With Tab) – YT161

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Hey, James here…

Have you ever played a tune for nearly 20 years and found out you’ve been playing it substantially wrong all the time?

Well exactly that happened to me yesterday.

Paul Rouse, a long time member of The Bass Lab PLUS and the eBassGuitar community has emailed me and asked me if I could take apart the legendary Meters tune Cissy Strut… because he'd been asked to play it on a Jam night.

Without question… this has to be one of THEEEEEEEE funkiest bass grooves out there… and what’s more I knew I had only ever ‘busked it’ or played it by ear on gigs.

It’s perfect for anyone who is in the beginning phases of learning Funk bass.

So I jumped at the chance of taking it apart, creating a lesson...and of course learning it right ONCE AND FOR ALL! 

For this week's lesson I show you how to break Cissy Strut down into 3 simple grooves…

I’ve also made a simple PDF download containing standard notation and tab… so make sure you grab that and of course be sure to let me know what your favourite Funk bass groove is in the comments 🙂

Keep groovin’ hard,

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