EPIC Bass Groove with 5 Levels – YT211

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Hey, James here…

One of the most joyous things for me as a bass player has always been building and developing bass grooves.

Putting my own spin on bass lines.

As the band ramps up in intensity, having those ‘extra gears’ is incredible and gives me that feeling I’m holding my own in the band.

But how do you start developing those ‘extra gears’?

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on something super special that will be released at the end of the month… which will help YOU develop your own ‘epic’ bass groove.

Many players get stuck doing this… I get it - I used to be there too.

So...In today’s lesson I want to give you a very special sneak peak… and share a concept called the 5 Levels of Groove.

Don’t forget to download the free PDF so you can see ‘level 1’ written out in standard notation and tab 😉

… and of course make sure you comment if you recognise who the band and artist the backing track in the lesson is inspired by!

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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