3 Fundamental Bass Grooves Explained

James Eager Bass Guitar Theory, Rookie Blues Bass Intensive

Hey Groove Monsters,

What is this thing called ‘Groove’ I hear you ask?

Today I’m going to share how to slow down a tricky bass line

Probably the singular most important concept any bass player needs to understand.

Brash statement I know… but it’s 100% true.

However, ask 100 different musicians to actually define the 'G' word and you'll probably get a ton of confusing answers.

Get this concept clear in your mind and your whole perspective on bass playing will change (for the better!).

Here's my explanation of groove, where I pick apart these tricky concepts and demonstrate 3 fundamental grooves to unlock this concept...

In this video you'll discover:

  • Why groove is the most important thing a bass player should be concerned with.
  • Why groove is different to 'Time' and 'Beat'
  • The basic grooves you should get to know.

Any questions, just ask!



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