How To Play Reggae Bass… Like An Authentic Pro – YT185

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Hey, James here…

One of the pure joys of eBassGuitar is that every single day I learn something new about the bass guitar.

You guys and the tutors I ask come in and coach are the biggest form of inspiration.

Now… it may not come as any surprise that when it comes to playing and understanding reggae bass I’m not in my natural habitat.

It’s safe to say I’m simply not from that musical heritage.

That’s why it was a real privilege to have Don Chandler (from the Reggae Bass Hub) on last week's Bass Lab PLUS masterclass to show us all how Reggae music REALLY works.

I learned a ton and now really feel like I’ve got a grip on the basics of how this incredible style of music works.

So in today’s lesson I want to show you what I learned from Don and how I’ve applied it to 2 of the songs from my band’s set list.

I’m pretty surprised by the results 😉

Also… make sure you tell me in the comments below who you’re favourite reggae bass player.

Keep groovin’ hard,


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