Watch James Eager Play Live Up-Close

Watch Bass Player James Eager Play Live Up-Close

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In this blog post I'm going to share a super exclusive 25 minute 'bass cam' style video of me playing live - so if you want to discover more about "James Eager Bass Player" make sure watch this video.

This video is live, unedited, raw... and fundamentally you'll see me doing exactly what I love to do as a bass player with a great live band. It's an honour to get to play musicians this good on regular basis... This is what I do when I'm not devising new lessons for eBassGuitar.Com

About This Video

This video is live set featuring my band of nearly 20 years - Metropolis. This features 4 songs recorded in June 2019 at a venue just outside London and 2 bonus songs recorded in Brighton.

The songs are:

  • Lovely Day (Bill Withers)
  • Let's Stay Together (Al Green)
  • Street Life (The Crusaders)
  • Super Duper Love (Joss Stone)
  • Get Lucky (Daft Punk)
  • Kiss (Prince)


The band is a 9 piece band feature a male vocalist, two female singers, trumpet, sax, keyboards, guitar, bass & drums.

Big shout to my rhythm section partner in crime for well over a decade Toby Goodman on drums.

Recording Equipment

This simple 'bass cam' style footage is recorded on iPad on a mic stand so you can see clearly what my fingers are doing.

The audio is my in-ear monitor mix recorded directly from the sound desk. You are hearing exactly what I am hearing in my headphone live.

You'll also see me directing the band using the 'Talk Back Mic'. This is a microphone which is routed direct into the musician's in-ear monitors (or headphones) so instructions can be given. The audience do not hear this!

Bass Equipment

Here's the bass guitar equipment:

Need More Help?

This video shows exactly what I love to do as a bass player... pinning down the bottom end.

If you'd like to learn how to do this make sure you check out the Bass Lab PLUS Membership where I show beginner to intermediate bass players exactly do this!

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Good luck and enjoy the video!


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