Learn One By U2 on Bass Guitar (Simple Songs For Beginners) – YT129

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Hey, James here…

March all is all about learning more songs and discovering how to learn them quicker here at eBassGuitar! 

This is the second part of our Simple Song Series… a collection of handpicked tunes which are perfect for students in the early phases of learning. 

Each song is taken from my Bass Vault (My personal collection of over 550 bass guitar song charts, bass parts and transcriptions) and demonstrates an essential ‘real world’ bass concept.

In this lesson I’m going to take the classic U2 song ‘One’ and show you exactly how to break it down and isolate the ‘core groove’.

This is a super important skill because once you know what notes to focus on it makes it much easier to create and improvise your own bass lines.

Rather than learning songs note by note from tab sites… this approach will show you how to simplify songs with a much deeper level of understanding.

Don’t forget to download the free PDF cheat sheet - this is my personal chart for ‘One’ from The Bass Vault… and you’ll see my exact process for how I condense songs into just one sheet of paper. 

Here’s to making songs simple to learn 🙂

Keep groovin’ hard,


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