Learn The 5 Minutes Walking Bass ‘Hack’ – YT139

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Hey, James here…

In this week’s lesson it’s time for something I actually recorded a while back…

The reason for that is as I’m writing this email we’re packing up the house…

Because Vicky (my partner) and Oliver (my two year old son) and I are just about to embark on a massive new adventure!

We’re moving house two hours away to a beautiful part of the UK called The New Forest.

To be closer to family, Oliver’s cousins, The Forest… and the beach!

It’s a big change for us… but we’re super excited.

And the reason it’s happening is because of you wonderful eBassGuitar folks…

...and the fact I can now teach from anywhere with an internet connection!

So I’m SUPER grateful for the love and support each and every one of you has given us over the past few years 🙂

As we’re ‘knee deep’ in boxes and most of my studio is now packed up... I’ve decided to share a lesson that was originally filmed for Facebook a few months back.

This lesson has  literally been viewed tens of thousands of times now and is super popular because it’s the perfect way to start learning Walking Bass.

What’s more you can get this concept down in about 5 minutes…

If you haven’t already seen it it’s well worth a watch!

See you in the new studio soon!

Keep groovin’ hard,


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