Meet Our Bass Lab PLUS Legend for May, Bill Bedford!

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It's Bass Lab Legend time!

For this month, we have a long time Bass Lab PLUS member. For those who don't know, the Bass Lab PLUS membership has been around for about 5 years now, and this member has been around since the very beginning!

I'm so proud to introduce Bill Bedford as the Bass Lab PLUS Legend for the month of May. 

We'll get to know how Bill got started on the bass, and some of the bass gear that he had. 

Also, we'll touch on why Bill left the Bass Lab PLUS and then still came back. We'll also know what's next in Bill's bass playing career.

Watch the video below to know more about Bill's story! 

J: Hey everybody! It’s time to welcome this month’s BLP Legend. This guy has really been super supportive of the BLP community; a really good egg as we say in the UK now for quite a number of years. It’s really a pleasure to give this month’s BLP Legend to Bill Bedford over at the US

B: Hey! I’m doing good! How’s everybody doing?

J: Great! Now let’s go over your story as this is instrumental to everything. How did you become a bass player?

B: I was in to music as a kid; started 8 years old on trombone. Went to formal lessons, when through music programs in school. From 8 until graduation of highschool, I stayed with the music that way. Then I joined a disco band after that for about a year and a half; a 7 piece band, that was really fun, playing trombone still. I was around bass players and that was cool too. That kinda fizzled out, as all bands do. I met my wife, went into the HVAC field and all that.

About 35 years later, hooked up with some guy and he had a bunch of instruments around. He was like “ Wanna try this “. I was like “ wooooooow “ ! It was a Peavey Foundation bass. It was really sweet, I kinda fell in love with it. He won’t let me have it,so I kinda bought myself a used one. It was kinda really cool bass, with a thin neck and all. Started playing with that; didn’t have a formal direction or anything, playing around the internet. I kinda lost a little interest; your job takes you away, your life takes you away. I ended up giving the bass to my daughter, at that time her husband. They were married at that time. He played around with it and stuff. After some time, I kinda wanted it back but at that point he had given it away to somebody else; it was all gone. I had a trailer when we were camping years later and my daughter came up to visit us at the campsite on fathers day. She presented me with a father’s day present; it was an acoustic RC Rich bass. Not a lot of low-end, but still a bass. I’m like “ wooooooow”!

I kinda got into it and I got the best I could get out of it. A couple of months later I bought a 5 string Dean. That’s a beast! I still have it; I’m gonna try bringing that back in the videos. I got used to that, and then I got my Fender Jazz, I love that one. I also have a Squier now as a back-up bass and I love that one too. What got me into the bass part was I always loved bass. I was in Jazz bands like in school, stage bands and marching bands, which while they didn’t have the bass, they have tubas and stuff. I really like the low end sound.When I picked up that Peavey Foundation bass I thought this is great! This is awesome!

J: So let’s rewind a few years now and talk about the BLP. You were one, I believe, of the founding members back in 2016 / 2017.  I’ve known you for quite a while now, and I am really grateful for your longevity and being part of it all. What first attracted you to the BLP and what has made you become a loyal member for all these years? 

B: That’s a good question! While looking for direction, doing internet searches, I looked around and this was very appealing. I was on the normal eBass group site, not the BLP site. The members were very friendly and supportive and they still are to this day. I really liked it! It was good for me as I wasn’t in any pressure. I just wanted to learn things and increase my knowledge at my rate. That’s what happened!

As a matter for fact, going back to that acoustic bass. I did my first video on YouTube with that acoustic bass.  In fact if you go to my YouTube Channel Bill Bedford, go to my very first video. You’ll see me sitting in the trailer with that acoustic bass. You actually gave me a couple of pointers. I was starting out with Bass Lab.


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