Play Faster & Master The Fretboard… At The Same Time YT193

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Hey, James here…

Last week I released a lesson showing you how you can play faster using a very cool pentatonic lick I’d devised.

It uses a very specific ‘triple rhythm’ or groupings of 3 notes…

What I’ve only just remembered at the time of writing this email is this ‘triplet rhythm’ is the same concept used during the legendary harmony guitar solo at the end of the Eagles song - Hotel California.

It’s definitely worth checking that out to hear this concept in action.

Now back to business.

I briefly mentioned in last week's video that there’s not just ONE pentatonic shape we can play…

But 5 in total. 

I’ve had so many requests to go through the other 4 shapes…

So who am I to disappoint?!

In this lesson I’m going to take apart the remaining shapes.

Here’s the thing…understanding these 4 other shapes is a FANTASTIC way of learning or mastering the fretboard.

So if you take the information in this video you’ll have a great way of learning the fretboard, building your speed… and new super cool bass fill or line.

Also, make sure you download the free PDF - it’s super helpful to see this stuff written out visually.

Keep on groovin’ hard,


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