How To Play I Wonder by Rodriguez

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Hey Groove Masters,

James here… let’s talk about how to play “I Wonder” by Rodriguez.

It wasn’t simple.

It was gone 10.30 at night, I’d just got back from a week on holiday in Tenerife and the first thing I had to do was pick up the bass.

I’d seen a film that had blown me away. Such an incredible story and amazing music too.

I couldn’t believe I’d never heard of this guy before.

However this bass line just stuck in my head. Beautifully crafted yet I knew there was something unusual about it.

It bugged me for two days straight… before I managed to lay my hand on a bass and figure it all out!

Here is a live stream where I take apart the process I went through to analyse and learn this song.

In this lesson you will discover:

  • Why starting notes which aren’t the root can make people's ears prick up
  • The super cool effect leaving beat 1 of the bar empty can have.
  • A cunning way you can make a bass riff into a bass fill

As always, keep groovin' hard.



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