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The Complete Guide to
Music Theory

For Bass Guitar Player (Ebook & Printed Book)

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Discover how standard notation, rhythm, harmony, chord tones, modes work in the real world

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Everything included in ‘The Complete Guide to Music Theory'  

  • Over 50 Pages Of Step By Step Music Theory Designed Especially For Bass Players
  • Discover how standard notation, rhythm, harmony, chord tones, modes work in the real world
  • Designed for beginner to intermediate bass players 
  • Fingerboard Diagrams, Standard Notation & Tab
  • eBook Digital Download | Instant Access
  • 30 Day 'Student Satisfaction' Guarantee
  • No nonsense - just the stuff that really matters for bass players!
  • Printed Book Option - Get The Book Sent To Your Door!

Why Everyone Loves it!

As part of the event you’ll also get:

● Audio backing tracks so you can play along with the whole song.

● Unique Audio ‘loop’ backing tracks so you can practice each section one at a time.

● A PDF with standard notation and tab so you can see exactly where to put your fingers.  


Why are you giving access to this incredible live event for free?

Well, it’s a blatant bribe to get you to try your 30 day free trial Bass Lab PLUS Membership! The Bass Lab PLUS club is the ultimate online learning platform for beginner to intermediate bass players like yourself. I’ve personally witnessed hundreds of players make fantastic progress really quickly and I'd love you to be the next success story. 

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Will the live song workshop be recorded?

Yes, absolutely the call will be recorded in HD and added to the Bass Lab PLUS, with all of the resources, as a mini course for you to enjoy as part of your BLP membership. 

What time is the workshop in my time zone?

The workshop is being held at 4pm UK Time, 11am New York time and 8am California time.

If I haven’t covered your time zone above please use World Time Buddy to find out the timings for your neck of the woods.

What else do I get as part of my 30 day free Bass Lab Trial?

As part of your 30 day trial you’ll get to test drive our world-class program with over 300 step-by-step video lessons and experience coaching, guidance and support from an incredible international community. You’ll also get access to guest masterclass with top bass pros, live zoom hangouts, and monthly live song workshops like this one

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